Negative consequences of anal sex | Anal games

Negative consequences from anal sex.

Negative consequences of anal sex | Anal games
Intimate games with anal penetration simultaneously excite and scare away. The obstacle is the fear of getting damage to the anus and intestines. It also embarrasses the opportunity to get dirty about feces. The process allows you to feel new facets of pleasure and is completely safe subject to certain rules. Negative consequences are possible, but the likelihood of their occurrence with correct actions is very small.

Preparation for anal

Hygienic procedures – a useful condition for the successful implementation of anal sex. The cleansing enema eliminates the rectum of the accumulated excrement. The probability of getting dirty There will be less. But the procedure is not mandatory, sometimes it is enough to go to the toilet 1-2 hours before the process so that everything goes without negative consequences.

Penetration into the anus should be slowly and gradually. Rough pressure will cause pain. Physiologically, the human body is configured so that when entering a foreign object into the anus, the muscles automatically strain and the sphincter is compressed. And it is precisely that you can call sharply Injuries of delicate skin. Smooth movements will prevent this.

At this moment, you need to show maximum caution and attention to the partner. Any injury precedes discomfort. It can be detected in advance and change movements or stop the process so that nothing terrible happens.

Possible side effects

The anal valve provides for a delay in feces. During intercourse, its normal functioning is violated. The anus is open, which provokes flatulence. If you have anal sex more often 3-4 times a week and enter huge items into the body, there is a chance that then it will occur involuntary gas release. This rarely happens, and the effect is temporary until the muscles return to the tone.

Strong friction at the input hole can lead to the appearance of cracks and tears. Their healing requires several days. During this period, defecation is often violated and causes constipation. If you do not use grease and rush, microtraumas will be 100%. When healing, itching, burning, and going to the toilet causes a sharp pain. If the wounds are infected during the healing period, the inflammation lasts several weeks.

In men practicing sex without the use of a contraceptive, there is a probability of earn Inflammation of the penis. The internal environment in the rectum is saturated with microorganisms. They can penetrate through the urethra. The use of a condom is a prerequisite for anal sex.

Doctors strongly do not recommend combining anal and vaginal sex. Alternating contact of the penis with the vagina and intestines increases The risk of bacterial infection. Bacteria from the anus should not fall into the female bosom.

Penetration into the anus is also dangerous in the presence of hemorrhoids. Assertive movements of a member can cause Blower gap. This worsens the course of the disease, lengthens the treatment period.Negative consequences of anal sex | Anal games

Devices for comfortable sex

To make anal sex comfortable and bring maximum pleasure should use additional devices. First of all, take care of a special lubricant. The most suitable are:

  • painkillers;
  • antibacterial;
  • exciting.

The lubricant with an anesthetic will be beneficial at the initial stage. Under its influence, the sphincter will relax, the penetration of the penis into the anus will occur painlessly.

The antibacterial composition reduces the likelihood of infection during intercourse.

Lubrication intended for excitement enhance sensitivity. Touching the mucous membrane causes an explosion of emotions. Orgasm is felt in a special way.Diversity in intimate delights will add sex toys:

  • 1. Traffic jams for the anus.
  • 2. Vibrators.
  • 3. Falloimitators.
  • 4. Prostate massagers.
  • 5. "Necklaces" And "Christmas trees".

The use of anal traffic jam helps in the development of the anus. Beginners are recommended to get a set of traffic jams of different diameters. The sphincter will gradually get used to it and stretch.

Sensations of full anal sex will give a cork with vibration or vibrator. The modes can be changed, which is why the impressions become more diverse. The exciting effect is possessed by spherical and relief toys. Their purpose in activating the activity of the nerve endings located in the intestinal mucosa.

A compact prostate massage device plays a double role: it gives sensual pleasure and benefits health.

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