Is it possible to have anal sex during pregnancy?

Is it possible to have anal sex during pregnancy?.

It is completely safe to have anal sex even during pregnancy. In fact, some couples even prefer to have anal sex during pregnancy, since hormonal changes in the woman’s body, restructuring the uterus or pressure of the growing uterus on the bladder can make vaginal penetration uncomfortable. At later stages of pregnancy, the use of anus for penetration can be less convenient, since taking a position ideal for such activities can be more difficult. In addition, since the child’s head is more included in the basin, it may be too crowded there.

As in the case of any type of penetration, a couple of main points that will make it pleasant for both sides – this is communication and lubrication. It is worth starting to penetrate slowly, reporting the sensations and the occurrence of discomfort. In addition, although many women produce enough vaginal lubrication, the anus does not emit such a lubricant. Be sure to use the lubricant abundantly during anal sex.

Some couples believe that it is more convenient for them to use an enema to cleanse the anus before starting anal stimulation;However, enemas should be used infrequently, since they can irritate the anus and the intestinal mucous membrane, as well as violate the natural process of fecal excretion from the body.

It is important to avoid the transition from anal penetration to vaginal. Bacteria in the anus that penetrate the vagina can lead to unpleasant and uncomfortable infections that can be especially dangerous and difficult to treat for the future mother.

Bottom line: do what you like. Your adventure with anal sex can be fresh and interesting for both of you, even during pregnancy.

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