Is it possible to get pregnant during anal sex? | Anal games

Is it possible to get pregnant during anal sex?.

Is it possible to get pregnant during anal sex? | Anal games
Anal sex is a great opportunity to diversify an intimate life. He is currently practiced by many heterosexual couples. But is it necessary to protect yourself with such a contact? Is it possible to get pregnant from anal? Most women refuse anal sex due to the likelihood of feeling pain, others, on the contrary, argue that the anal orgasm of the city is brighter and prolonged vaginal. During anal relations, representatives of both sexes receive completely different sensations than during vaginal sex, in women this is associated with the stimulation of other nerve endings, in men with the fact that friction and compression of the penis are increasing. And for both there are psychological aspects that enhance the experiences.

Why do men like anal sex so much

Most of men secretly dream of anal sex, but they are afraid or hesitated to offer him to their partner because of the fear of being incorrectly understood. Nevertheless, they are attracted and exciting the view from behind, representing in the New World all female roundness and bends. Trying new and forbidden, A man feels like a conqueror who has mastered a new peak and now their goal is to preserve the conquered territory. Anal penetration reminds them of sex with a virgin, It is at this moment that the image of a woman who experiences pain, fear, doubt and bashfulness clearly draws in the imagination of a man. Those couples who decided to try rectal sex and experience more vivid sensations should not rush, but approach the issue thoroughly. It is only in porn that you can see how a man pounces and takes a woman behind without any preparation, but in practice the situation is completely different. The first anal contact For a woman, they are often painful, so it is necessary to use a lubricant, since there is no natural moisture, as in the vagina. The lubricant is applied not only to the anus, but also to the fingers and on the penis. Anesthetic composition removes unpleasant sensations. But even in them you need to gradually prepare the hole for immersion, stretch it with your hands or traffic to the desired size. In some cases, it is appropriate to stimulate the clitoris with fingers or intimate toys, this helps a woman relax and get excited. To make the sphincter muscles more elastic, some couples use sex-consequences suitable for anal stimulation, they can be purchased in our store.Is it possible to get pregnant during anal sex? | Anal games

Why should I try anal sex?

Anal sex compared to vaginal, has several advantages:

  • It helps partners to get closer to morally, because only a loving, respected and devoted woman can surrender to this way. It is a great alternative to traditional intercourse during critical days of a partner. Lets the new, hitherto unknown to a couple of sensations. Reduces the likelihood of pregnancy to a minimum.

Anal pregnancy is possible?

However, the chance to conceive a child with anal penetration still exists. Some women, the percentage of which is very small, has a small hole on the rear wall of the vagina, through which sperm can fall from the rectum into the 2nd organs. With unprotected sex, sperm can leak out of the anus and get to the crotch or vagina. Pregnancy is also possible when a man alternates anal and vaginal penetration, without using a condom, since viable spermatozoa are present not only in ejaculate, but also in grease. To exclude a possible pregnancy, it is necessary to use one of the methods of contraception: oral, local, for example, an intrauterine spiral or condom, although in the case of anal penetration, the condom will not only protect against unscheduled conception, but also eliminate the likelihood of an infection of the man with an Escherichia stick and other bacteria living inintestines.

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