How to use anal beads

How to use anal beads.

Anal beads are a device consisting of balls fastened to each other with flexible or hard jumper. Balls are made of latex, silicone and other materials, have the same or different diameter. In order for the toy to bring maximum pleasure, you need to know how to use anal beads.

How to use anal beads: instructions for use

Anal beads are inserted into the rectum through the anus, and then slowly extracted, which leads to stimulation of erogenous zones located around the anus.

Balls help to solve several problems: to increase sexual excitement, achieve orgasm, improve an erection, relax the muscles of the sphincter and “develop” the hole before anal sex. But the main goal with which this device is used is to get pleasure.

Enter beads in the rear opening must be carefully, especially in the first several times. It is necessary to lie on your back, bend your legs in your knees, slightly lift the pelvis and gradually enter the chain (slowly, one ball). Do not rush and force the events: it will cause discomfort and will forever beat off the desire to use the toy.

If the sphincter is too narrow and it cannot be relaxed, you can stretch the hole with your finger or anal slip. When the balls were inside the body, it is worth going to other caresses. It is desirable to take them out when an orgasm is approaching or approaching.

T. To. There is no natural lubricant inside the rectum, lubricants must be used (they are applied to beads and an rear passage area).

Silicone or latex toys are suitable for water -based lubricants. Other means are better not to use, t. To. They will lead to the destruction of the material.

The ban also applies to saliva: such lubrication is not effective enough and contains a lot of bacteria that can cause inflammation when it enters the rectum.

How to use anal beads: safety precautions

Recommendations that will help to avoid unwanted consequences:

Absolute contraindications to the use of anal chains are diseases of the rectum, hemorrhoids, cracks in the anus. Relative – pain after the previous anal sex.

The latter means that you can use the toy, but only after the microtrauma heals, and the muscles will completely recover.

Beads are designed for personal use. It is forbidden to transfer them to other people.

After buying, the anal chain must be washed in a warm soap solution and treated with an antiseptic, for example, a miramistin.

It should also be done after each application (except when the toy was used in condom). It should be remembered that rubber, latex, plastic products are afraid of boiling water and aggressive detergents.

At the end of the toy there should be an emphasis or ring, thanks to which it does not fail into the rectum. If it is not, you will have to hold the chain with your hand and carefully ensure that it remains outside. If the beads slip inside, only a surgeon can get them.

Prolonged use of balls can lead to the appearance of defects: scratches, chips, etc. D. If this happens, the toy needs to be thrown away. The rectum has thin and delicate walls that are easy to damage.

Instead of the result

Anal beads are used by women and men. Beginners are recommended to choose products with balls of different diameters made of soft materials.

It is easy to get used to them, they practically do not cause discomfort. As for “experienced users”, they can buy any toys depending on their preferences.

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