How to use anal beads

How to use anal beads?.

How to use anal beadsHow to use anal beads

Anal beads – This is an intimate sex toy intended for hindered caresses. It is a few balls of different diameters fastened with a hard rope. Beads are very popular in the market, as they can use them, both women and men. Manufacturers of erotic goods offer a huge variety of models and types of toys. Beads can differ in size, material and stiffness.

What are anal beads for

In the area of the anus, many nerve endings are concentrated, the stimulation of which causes genuine pleasure. Beads are gradually introduced into the anus, while acting on erogenous zones in the sphincter area. They can be used for masturbation alone, as well as in preparation for anal sex with a partner. The latter will help to better know each other’s desires and imagination, and also diversifies sexual life.

Types of anal beads

  • Classic chains with a limiter. The advantage of this model in a pronounced restrictive ring, which does not allow the toy to penetrate too deep. It is convenient to stay for it during the prelude, as well as beads with a limiter are easily extracted out.
  • Bilateral beads. This is a great option for those who know exactly all the subtleties and nuances of anal stimulation. The diameter of the balls in the chain starts from the smallest (1 cm) and gradually increases to 3 cm. However, when using such a toy, you need to be careful with the depth of penetration, since the device has no limiter.
  • Balls with vibration. This is an innovative development of manufacturers of sex-web, which quickly gained popularity among users. Thanks to additional stimulation on erogenous zones, you can get several times more pleasure. Also, there are options for balls with rotation. That is, plunging inside, they not only vibrate, but also rotate.

What you need to know before buying anal beads

Before buying anal balls, you need to know exactly that you have no contraindications for their use. In the case of microcracks in the anus or hemorrhoids, it is not recommended to use a toy to a toy.

Also, before use, you should take care of the acquisition of a suitable lubricant. Some materials of sex toys are easily destroyed after contact with a lubricant on a silicone basis. We advise you to buy water -based lubricants. They perfectly interact with any materials without harming their surface.

How to use anal beads

Pick up your model

If you are a beginner, take small chains with small balls. It is advisable to give preference to devices with a limiter in the form of a ring or letter «T». Do not immediately buy balls with vibration or rotation. Out of ignorance, you can easily injure delicate fabrics.

Squat for lubrication

With anal caresses, the lubricant is needed! Otherwise, you can earn cracks and forget about masturbation for a long time. As mentioned above, we recommend buying a water -based lubricant. However, if the toy is not from a medical silicone, silicone lubricants are also suitable. Their advantage is that they are not washed off with water, allowing you to experiment in the bath and soul.

Disinote the toy and take a shower

Before caresses, you need to clean the beads of possible bacteria and take a shower yourself so that the process is clean and safe. For disinfection, special antibacterial sprays are sold.

How to use anal beads

Take a convenient position

It is best to insert beads lying on your back. Under the buttocks you can put the pillow, bend your legs and spread it widely to the sides.

Do not rush

No need to make sudden movements and try to insert balls inward in a second. Do it gradually. First, massage the anus with your fingers, this will help to relax. And only then, slowly and gently, enter one ball. As soon as you get used to it, insert the second. And so on, until the toy is completely immersed in anal.

After use, you need to wash the toy well.

As soon as you get used to ordinary classic models, you can try larger balls with vibration. Anus stimulation with balls – It is considered the most pleasant. That is why, we advise you to start with it.

And you can buy suitable anal beads. We have collected only high -quality toys from world manufacturers.

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