How to have anal sex correctly?

Anal sex: how to do it right?.

How to have anal sex correctly?

People gradually begin to depart from traditional ideas about what high -quality sex should be, and are more and more interested in the ways that can diversify it. Anal sex – one of them.

However, even fans of experiments do not always dare to try it, because of which it remains for them from the field of unknown. But this is a good way to reveal your sexuality and give the partner an unforgettable sensation.

Moreover, in our technological age you can get an answer to any question, including those related to anal sex. And today we will answer the most common.

Is it possible to have anal sex?

If this were prohibited, we would not devote to this article, so the answer is definitely yes. Although, of course, if you have any diseases related to the intestines, or rather, to that part that will be involved, then it is better to refrain. In all other cases – there is no reason to deprive yourself of pleasure.

Another thing is if a woman is not yet ready for this step for some moral or psychological reasons. Tension in bed increases the risk of negative experience and related injuries. If you have no doubts left and you are strongly tuned to try anal sex, then complete relaxation will become a guarantee of your pleasure.

Are condoms required for anal sex?

Depends on who you are going to try it with. If this is your regular partner, in which you are absolutely sure, then you can not apply contraceptives. If you do not know a person enough, then it is better not to risk health and use condoms.

The fact is that the anal type of sex also carries the danger. In addition, the probability in this case will be even higher, since microscopic injuries and cracks often occur in the process.

According to research, it is with anal sex that is most often transmitted to the HIV partner. So if you doubt it, use additional protection.

Can I get an infection?

As for the diseases that are transmitted sexually, we figured out, and as for other infections, certain risks are also available. However, they can be neutralized by almost 100%if the detective body is previously treated with any disinfectant, such as a miramistin.

If this still does not calm you down, then you can use condoms that were designed specifically for this type of sex. They differ from the usual ones by a large volume of lubrication, as well as the thickness of the product, which gives a guarantee that in the process of increased friction the condom will not break.

Is it possible to engage in classical after anal penetration?

It is possible, but only after the condom has been removed or the organ has been treated. Otherwise, there is a high risk of incurring an infection for yourself. This is especially true for women, since the consequences will be worse for them. So this rule should be taken into account. The same applies to intimate toys and fingers that were used to penetrate.

Is it possible to have anal sex after you ate?

It is possible, so the excuses “I just ate” do not work here. Digestion in a person does not work so quickly, so even if you decide 2-3 hours after eating have sex, including anal, then this will not turn out to be terrible for you. Although, of course, with a full stomach, it will not be so easy to entertain, but nevertheless it is possible.

Do you need sex toys?

In this case – yes, namely – anal traffic jams.

How to have anal sex correctly?

They are in different sizes, so starting from smaller and gradually moving to big, you are preparing yourself for a process in which there will be no pain. Of course, this will have to spend money, as well as for some time, but it will fully pay off when the very day comes.

Well, we finished with the rules, now you can go to those actions that must be done before anal penetration. There are not many of them to repel desire, but they are all very important, since they affect the process itself.

Important tips for anal sex

No need to rush

This is the main rule that you should remind yourself throughout the process. This is especially true for a man if he does not want his partner to hurt.

First apply a lubricant on your finger and slowly insert it into the ass.

How to have anal sex correctly?

This should be done gradually. That is, first one phalanx, and then, if there is no resistance, then you can put your finger deeper. When a partner’s feeling of discomfort disappears, it will be possible to do this with two fingers.

After these manipulations, it will be possible to proceed with the member, but this should be done similarly: inserted slowly and gradually, until it is completely inside. The first time pain is possible, but not too strong if everything is done correctly. The speed and depth of penetration depends on the comfort and sensations of the partner.

If a woman wants to control the whole process herself, as well as watching her partner, then you can use the pose of a rider. In this case, having chosen the appropriate angle of influence, the woman regulates the depth of penetration and speed.

Remember about caresses

Not every woman manages to get the first time from anal penetration, not to mention to achieve orgasm at the same time. Therefore, additional caresses will not be superfluous, especially the stimulation of the clitoris.

Be prepared to stop the process

A woman should not endure pain, even out of a desire to please a partner, as this is fraught with physical injuries, as well as moral. A man, in turn, should treat with understanding to the feelings of his partner and stop the process when she asks for it.

It is better to switch to other types of sex, and postpone the anal next time you better prepare for it. Over time, everything will go more smoothly. The duration of the process will also increase, which at first will be only a few minutes.

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