How to enjoy anal sex

How to enjoy anal sex?.

How to enjoy anal sexFor many years, anal sex was – then forbidden and unnatural. Even now, a large percentage of women categorically refers to the man’s offer to engage in anal. However, if you follow some simple rules, such an unusual type of pleasure, can only deliver positive emotions. Why are some couples who decide to try «the Forbidden fruit» disappointed, while others, on the contrary, receive amazing orgasms?

What’s the secret? How to enjoy anal sex to a woman?

Let’s figure it out. The anus area is the strongest erogenous zone. Therefore, with the right, safe penetration, the woman gets even more pleasant emotions than her partner. But if you have never tried this type of pleasure – We do not recommend relying on porn movies. Everything seems so easy and simple there. The girl happily agrees to engage in anal, and the male member is so easily entering, as if anal sex does not differ at all from vaginal. In life, everything is a little wrong.

The fact is that the anus, unlike the vagina, does not emit natural lubrication. Because of this, there is a risk of injuries and microcracks, which in the future, completely repulses the desire to have anal sex. For good sliding, we recommend that you buy special anal lubricants on a silicone basis in advance. It is on Siliconova, because their composition will be thicker, which will save you from discomfort during intimacy. On sale there are also lubricants with an antiseptic in a composition that will reduce the pain syndrome at the first penetration.

If you have never tried anal affection before, you should take care that stretch the muscles of the anus. This can be done with the help of toys from sex shop. Anal beads or balls of small diameter are perfect for beginners. They do not injure a hole and help to relax. You need to enter the toy gradually, starting from a small part. Before that, be sure to lubricate it with a lubricant. At first, you can practice alone, without a man. How to understand that you are ready, you can proceed to sex.

What needs to be done to get only positive emotions from the anal?

  1. Take a shower and, if necessary, make an enema. This is not necessary, but for your own peace it will not be superfluous. The volume is better to choose the average. About 200 ml. Inside the pear you can pour warm water or infusion of chamomile. The latter will also have a calming effect. Lubricate the tip of the sprint with a lubricant, lie on its side and gradually pour water inside. Thus, you will help the intestines to cleanse, and to avoid unpleasant consequences. If you do not want to bother with an enema, you can buy a special anal shower that is sold in our sex shop
  2. You need to have anal sex in a condom. This is a mandatory point, because the microflora of the anus is not at all the same as in the vagina. The risk of infectious diseases is much higher, even if none of the partners are sick.
  3. Preliminary caresses are also an important point in receiving pleasure. The main physiological obstacle of the body, which leads to painful sensations – This is the ability of the sphincter to shrink when we are scared. The prelude will help to relax. We advise you to purchase a special, soothing oil and ask a partner to do a massage.
  4. Before penetration, use a sex toy for expanding and stretching muscles. It can be an anal traffic jam, expander, Christmas tree or anal pyramid. The toy will not only help to relax muscles, but also enjoy stimulation. Many of these toys differ in size and beginners can easily choose the smallest size for themselves, gradually increasing it.
  5. Men’s movements should be slow and smooth. You can not rush and make sudden movements. This can damage delicate fabrics. Each movement should be pleasure, not pain.

How to enjoy anal sexOver time, you will like anal sex, you want diversity. To experience new sensations, you should try stimulants and vibrorsers. And for those who love harder, there are anal toys for fisting.

In any case, subject to safety precautions and the rules that we have listed, anal penetration will only leave pleasant memories. I want more and more. But we do not advise doing this type of pleasure very often. The perfect interval – ten days. Or at least once a week.

Every man dreams that his beloved herself suggests engaging in anal caresses. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment and try new in intimate life. This will improve not only your sex life with a man, but also relationships, in general.

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