How to choose anal plug | What is it, application, which is better for anal

Types of anal traffic jams.

How to choose anal plug | What is it, application, which is better for anal
Anal plug is an intimate device that gives fullness in the anus. With its help, you can prepare for anal sex, narrow the vagina of a woman, do prostate massage to a man. Anal bushings with rhinestones or tails are used to decorate the body. But how to choose the best anal plug for personal use? Let’s figure out how the models are different, and what to pay attention to when buying.

Anal traffic jam. A bushing for anal

A special sex toy for the anus is called anal traffic. This device is introduced into the body and gives a feeling of fullness. Since there are a lot of sensitive endings in the area of the anus, the use of a special intimate object gives the strongest excitement.

The anal plug consists of three parts: the submersible part, which can be of different shapes (cone, drop, etc.), narrow legs and limiter. The size of each part varies significantly. The form depends on the purpose.

The use of anal traffic jam

Anal plug can be used in pairs or alone. It is suitable for use by both men and women. Millions of plug models are sold annually in the world. Most often they are used for the following purposes:

  • To feel fullness. When an object is in the anus, excitement occurs. This is a pleasant sensation that helps to tune in to proximity or masturbation. And the introduction of a device can be a very exciting process.
  • To prepare for anal sex. When the anus is used to an outsider, there is no pain or desire to empty the intestines. If you leave the plug for 5-15 minutes in the body, then the introduction of the penis will pass easier, and the pleasure of the process will be larger.
  • To wear and enjoy in any place. Anal cork can be used at work, walk or in the gym. It’s nice to feel that there is something inside. Today there are even models with remote control. And vibration turns on without touching the sex toy. Quiet motors are able to cause a bright orgasm, but no one around will guess about its cause.
  • For double penetration effect. When an anal traffic jam is placed in the anus of a woman, the vagina is narrowed. As a result, vaginal sex gives a lady much more pleasure. And the man feels the difference. This is especially true for women with stretched muscles after childbirth or injuries. And the girl in the process of operation seems to be penetrated into two holes, and this is also very exciting.
  • For fisting or expansion. Sensation of stretching is an incredible pleasure. And the cork allows you to get such experiences. There are even expanding models that are ideal for fisting.

The difference between the anal traffic jam and the stimulant

Anal plug and anal stimulator are completely different objects. Their use is very different. The stimulator is immersed in the body and make progressive or circular movements to them. His goal is friction, he replaces a member of a man.

The anal plug is inserted into the body and is left in it. Her movements are carried out at the stage of introduction. Then she is motionless. Of course, you can enter and remove the device several times, but uniform translational actions will not work.

Anal traffic jams

Anal traffic jam is the second most popular sex toy after vibrator. This subject is bought by people of different sexes, ages and preferences. But who is especially useful to buy anal plag?

  • Fans of anal sex. Both beginners and often practicing will be useful for a similar subject. The cork will help prepare the anus for immersion of a member or dildo. It will avoid pain, cracks, unpleasant sensations in the process. It is especially necessary for those who experience discomfort during anal caresses. The cork will eliminate all these experiences.
  • People who love a feeling of fullness. This experience can be appropriate during the prelude, sex or even household chores. The presence of a sleeve for the anus will give excitement inside the body.
  • Pairs who are looking for new experiences. The purchase process, the first experiments of use, experiments with traffic will diversify sexual life. Exchange of impressions, the search for new solutions will bring partners closer, make sexual contact brighter.
  • Women after childbirth to narrow the bosom. Until the vagina has come into tone, sensuality can be enhanced with anal plug. This will make orgasms more frequent. And the man will be more pleasant.
  • Those who want to use sex toys not only at home. Anal traffic jams can be used at work, on a walk, in the gym and in any other circumstances. They do not interfere with moving, not noticeable under the clothes.
  • Prostate massage men. This medical procedure can be done at home. Special curved anal traffic jams will help to influence the desired area. And this is an excellent prevention of male diseases, a way to maintain sexual strength for many years.
  • Connoisseurs of the expansion of the anus. For fans of fisting, they create large anal traffic jams. Their girth can reach tens of centimeters, and their use is safer than using improvised means to stimulate.

Buy anal plug is even as the first sex toy. It will allow you to experiment, give unusual sensations.

Types of anal traffic jams

There are a lot of anal traffic jams, they differ in form, materials, purpose. If you share them by type, it will be possible to highlight several categories:

  • Anal traffic jams for beginners. These are devices with a minimum diameter. The widest part does not exceed 2.5 cm. Small plugs help a person get used to the object in the anus. At the same time do not injure delicate skin.
  • Anal traffic jams for wearing. These are objects whose limiter is located between the buttocks and does not interfere with the movements. Most often, the models are flexible and soft, they take the shape of the body, do not put pressure on the intestinal walls. And such things are completely invisible under clothes.
  • Anal traffic jams with rhinestones. Decorative products are more often bought for gifts. Anal rhinestones look very impressive. Sometimes at the base is not just glass, but special crystals shimmering in the sun. There are smooth and embossed, hollow and heavy. There are models of different sizes. For movements it is better to choose light options, and if you plan to just lie in bed with such a thing, then a cast cork is better.
  • Anal traffic jams with a tail. Reincarnation into a fairy -tale character or an animal is possible with anal traffic jam. Long and short tails of all colors and shapes are available. Make a tail made of natural fur or artificial materials. The cork can be plastic, metal, silicone. There are options with a detachable tail to make it easier to clean the structure.
  • Anal traffic jams with vibration. The presence of an internal motor significantly expands the possibilities of applying. Light fluctuations enhance sensations, can even cause bright orgasms. The more modes and speeds, the more fascinating use.
  • Large anal traffic jams. Giants are created for those who have long practiced anal affection. These are things for stretching, their fans of fisting often choose. The diameter of such models is from 6 to 20 cm. It is recommended to use with lubricants for anal toys.
  • Anal traffic jams with expansion. Some plugs may increase after immersion in the body. There are models in which air is pumped up. In this case, you can adjust the size, at any time it is reduced. And there are anal traffic jams that are added up for administration, and then expand in the body. Some are similar to the revealed flowers, others to the laid out children’s figures.
  • Anal traffic jams with myostimulation. The effect of small discharges of the current is very exciting. And there are anal plugs with electrical stimulation. There are sensations from light tingling or tickling to intense blows. Just regulate the force of exposure, the duration of the waves. Such sex toys cannot be compared with some other models, it is really exciting and unusual.
  • Anal tunnels. This is anal plugs with a hole at the base. Through it, you can introduce a lubricant or some other objects inside it. Sometimes tunnels are used to wash the intestines. Not suitable for wearing, but relevant for bold experiments. If the diameter is large, then even a penis or vibrator will be introduced into the hole.
  • Prostate massagers. Anal traffic jams of curved shape are produced for men. They relate to the prostate gland and do massage. With reduction and relaxation of the perineum, pressure occurs, which is very good for health. There are models with vibration so that everything happens in automatic mode.
  • Anal traffic jams with an erective ring. Anal plag can be combined with an erective ring. During sex, each friction is then given in the crotch and anus. This enhances excitement. But at the same time the ring does not allow to quickly finish. As a result, sex is very sensual and long.

    Features of vibrating anal traffic jams

    Anal traffic jams with vibration are models that give a maximum of pleasant sensations. Stimulation seems very intense, a large number of nerve endings are activated. This is a great way to enhance sensation during sex or masturbation. And if the cork is in the woman’s anus and vibrates, her partner will feel her movement, when penetrating the vagina.

  • When choosing anal sleeve with vibration, it is important to pay attention to several parameters. This will not make a mistake in choosing, find the best model for personal use:
  • [List]Management method. Turn on the anal plug can be buttons on the case, from a remote remote control on the wire, from a remote control or even from a smartphone. For the remote control, it is often necessary to buy separately batteries. A special application is installed for the smartphone, which allows synchronize devices. With remote controls and buttons on the case you have to choose one of the programmed modes. From a tablet or phone you can create your own vibration patterns, their number is not limited. The price of anal traffic jam depends on the control method, the more perfect the method, the more expensive the intimate thing.
  • Water resistance. If the sex toy is not afraid of moisture, it is very simple to clean, and this is important for anal devices. And it is also permissible to use in the bathroom or in the shower. If the device is afraid of moisture, then it will even be necessary to wash it very carefully so that the drops do not get inside.
  • The number of operating modes. The more modes and speeds, the more interesting the use. The regime is the alternation of certain impulses, and speed is the intensity of exposure. And although many types of movement increases the price, for this it is worth overpaying.
  • The number of motorists. In the anal traffic, there is often one driving element. Then the vibration is more felt in the area where it is located. But there may be two or even three motor. When there are several, the sensations seem more voluminous. And the combination of vibrations of several elements is much more operating modes.
  • Charging method. The best anal traffic jams with vibration rechargeable. They can be connected to a socket or USB port. There are models on batteries. For them you need to constantly buy nutrition elements. Options on batteries are much less. But it is important to understand that sometimes the vibrator can be discharged at the most inopportune moment.

Anal traffic jams with rimming effect

Anilingus or Rimming is the oral affection of the anus. These are very pleasant influences that can be achieved without human help. Anal traffic jams with the effect of rimming massage the anus, do it very carefully, but exciting.

How it is embodied? Rows of beads are placed under the surface of the anal cork. They move in a circle, making massage. The user is able to change the intensity of their movements. And combining such circles will also turn out with vibration, and the pleasure will be double.

Features of anal traffic jams for wearing

Wearing is the use of anal sex toy in any circumstances. The cork is located inside the body, does not prevent walking, sitting and other actions. Anal plugs are made for wearing materials that can be in the body for a long time. Most often it is silicone, it is hypoallergenic, soft and safe.

The form of traffic jams For wearing special. These are not very large items, and always soft and flexible. They give fullness, but do not press on the walls of the intestines. Even the limiter is made soft. He is in the form of an arc, not a circle. Placed between the buttocks, does not rub, does not press.

If the toy has vibration, then it is turned on from a remote control or from a smartphone. But it is important to understand that a sex toy before management will still have to activate. To do this, you will need to press one button on it, and only then it will be possible to use the remote control. If you do nothing within an hour or two, then you will have to touch the device again for activation.

Anal traffic jams work to wear Silently. Only at maximum speeds and in absolute silence can a slight buzzing be heard. In the usual environment, the sound is invisible. But when applying it is important not to start moaning with pleasure.

Materials of anal traffic jams

When buying anal plug, it is very important to pay attention to the material. There are soft and hard options. Some surfaces are not smell, others can have aroma. And the method of purification depends on the material. Most often, bushings for anal are made from the following compositions:

  • Silicone anal bushings. Delicate hypoallergenic material is pleasant to the touch. Does not cause irritation, easily washes, does not absorb aromas from the environment. The body may safely be 6 hours in a row. Often a silicone sex toy is covered only on top, inside another material.
  • ANAL PVC traffic jams. Can have any color, different flexibility. There are more rigid and soft models. Over time, do not burn out, do not change the texture. Simple cleansing, there are no special storage requirements. Practical and durable material.
  • Glass bushings for anus. Borosilicate glass does not beat. This is a material that has been serving for decades. Traffic jams look very stylish, have significant weight. You can wash even in a dishwasher. Used with any lubricants, on any basis.
  • TPR or TPE anal traffic jams. Special rubber is safe for intimate caresses. Anal traffic jams are not hard, easily introduced into the body. It is worth using with lubrics only on water -based.
  • Gel and latex anal traffic jams. Can have a small smell, after several applications it is eliminated. An allergic reaction is possible on latex, but it is rare. The materials are soft, pleasant to the touch. Store anal traffic jams from them is worth separately from other sex toys.
  • Plastic anal traffic jams. Plastic – hard material. Traffic jams from it are not expensive, but not suitable for wearing. In the body it is worth leaving for 1 hour, no more. But they easily wash, they are not expensive.
  • Ceramic anal plugs. Clay – safe material. The design is dense, not flexible. But can have a charming coloring. The sleeve cannot be dropped, it can break.
  • Metal anal traffic jams. Durable sex toys that are very difficult to break. Ideal for games with temperature, they can be heated and cooled. Just wash, easy to store. Any lubricants are suitable. A very convenient thing for use, but the surface is hard. Recommended for experienced users.

For novice users, it is recommended to buy flexible sex toys. They simply introduce them, they do not cause discomfort. Solid ones should buy those who already know their preferences.

Form and relief of anal traffic jams

Outwardly, all anal traffic jams are similar to each other. But there are still some differences. The difference in diameter change. 3 of the most common forms of anal bushings can be distinguished:

  • Conical shape. Gradual expansion, but a small diameter. An elongated version of the cork. It allows you to carefully stretch the anus without pain. The length of the submersible part exceeds 3 cm.
  • Hollow form. The diameter of the widest part is very different from the diameter of the leg. At the same time not a very long base. Visually looks like a drop or an inverted heart. Poster length may not be very large. With the introduction, a significant expansion of the anus occurs. Ideal for experienced users.
  • Curved form. Often the tip is bent to touch the prostate. This is an option for men. The bend can be both large and small.

The relief of anal plugs is also different. The most popular options:

  • Smooth surface. The introduction is gradual, smooth. Walls easily slide in the body. Gives a feeling of stretching, but without massage.
  • With different diameters. Visually looks that several parts are connected together. Each has its own diameter, and at the junction the coverage is smaller. Alternation of width gives a feeling of massage. It is more difficult to drive such a cork into the body, but more excitement. This is a model for experienced users.
  • With protrusions, ribs, pimples. Unusual design looks stylish, but it also enhances the experiences. There is an effect on the anus at the time of immersion and excretion, and it is very tangible. Even during double penetration, a man through the wall between the intestines and vagina feels all the bumps of the device, and this is also very interesting.

What form to choose? For the first experience, smooth. You need to get used to the classic version, and only then move on to experiments.

Types of anal traffic limiters

Anal sex toys limiter is an important part of the structure. It does not allow anal plague to penetrate too deep, slip into the body. That is why even doctors recommend using special devices for anal stimulation, and not improvised objects.

The limiter can serve as a pen for convenient introduction to the body of anal traffic jam. But his shape is the most different. More often than others are found:

  • Round foundation. She is wider than a leg. The diameter can be from 3 to 10 cm. It is to her that tails and rhinestones are attached to her. It may not be perfectly round, but oval, in the form of a heart, etc.
  • A loop or ring. At the end there is a pen, it is convenient to stick your fingers in it and then carry out manipulations with anal sex toy. It is easy to extract the device for the ring, and it is even possible to do this at the time of maximum excitation to enhance the orgasm.
  • Spacers. Two “legs” directed in different directions are more often used in the manufacture of anal traffic jams for wearing. They carefully lie between the buttocks and do not interfere with the movements of a person. Can be soft or hard. Their diameter is not large, but the form does not allow the device to move deeper.
  • Sucker. The round base can be made in the form of a suction cup. More often found in full -sized phallimitators, rarely in anal bushings. This form allows you to fix the device on any flat surface, even a vertical one, and for introduction to the device simply sits without the help of hands.

The base is not the main factor in choosing a sex toys. More important materials and sizes.

Sets of anal traffic jams

To prepare for anal, one anal cork is not always enough. If a member of a man is very significant, you need to stretch a narrow hole. Make it better. To get started, use a conical plug with a small diameter. When the body gets used to it, it will take 10-15 minutes, you can insert a larger sleeve. And after it, go to sex.

If you need 2 or 3 traffic jams, it is more profitable to buy a set of anal traffic jams. These are several items with different diameters: from small to large. The purchase will be cheaper than the purchase of parts of the kit separately. The price of a set is 10-60% lower than the cost of things separately.How to choose anal plug | What is it, application, which is better for anal

How to use anal traffic?

After buying anal plug, it requires its purification. Any disinfectants from the pharmacy are suitable. They will not only wash off dust from the surface, but also eliminate all bacteria. And only after such cleaning can you proceed to experiments.

Before introducing anal plug, it is recommended to clean the intestines. It is not necessary to make an enema, but you should go to the toilet. Only in this case, when extracting a sex toy, there will be no digestive residues on it.

For comfortable use of anal traffic jam, a lubricant will be required. Intimate lubrication should be professional. Applying saliva, children’s cream or petroleum jelly is prohibited. If the intestinal mucosa enters, they can cause serious irritation. And special lubricant carefully affects the body, makes sliding very smooth.The sleeve into the body is introduced gradually. You can use screwing movements. Jerks are prohibited. In this case, the skin will stretch, but without cracks. There will be no pain if you act slowly.

After use, the cork is also not removed quickly. You also need to take it out without rushing. Well, then it is worth washing the device well well.

You can not leave a sex toy dirty after sexual pleasures. The active development of bacteria begins on its surface, and then washing them will be more difficult. And if they get into the body at the next use, digestive problems and even intestinal inflammation are possible.

Anal plug is an individual use item. It cannot be transmitted to a partner or used in turn. After all, with a toy you can transfer part of the microflora, and therefore infection.

How to choose the size of anal traffic jam?

For beginners, buying anal plug is worth a small diameter. 2 centimeters enough to get the desired effect. This size will not interfere, will not cause pain, will make it possible to understand whether to try something more interesting.

For those who have already tried anal sex, you should choose traffic jams with a diameter of 2.5-3.5 cm. It is precisely the size of the average penis. It will be necessary to introduce gradually, stretching the anus. But then it will be possible to immediately go to the anal.

Experienced users should focus on their own preferences. You can choose an increasing diameter device every time. And the text, who love fisting, should look at the anal giants.

Anal traffic jams

In Russia in 2017-2018, the price of anal traffic jams begins with 400 rubles. You can buy and cheaper at promotions or sales. This is the cost of quality things produced by famous companies.

The average price of anal traffic jam without vibration is 1200 – 1500 rubles. The price of a model with vibration starts from 1200 rubles. The maximum cost exceeds 15 thousand rubles. The more functions, the more powerful the motors, the more expensive the device for anal.

Anal rhinestones will cost from 1,500 rubles to 14 thousand rubles. If at the base of Swarovski crystals, then the price surpasses 10 thousand rubles. But the minimum cost of the tail is 1400 rubles. This is a small version of artificial fur. Long tail costs from 1800 rubles.

The harm and benefits of the use of anal traffic jam

Every year, surgeons in a variety of hospitals get a variety of objects from the anus of patients. They are used for masturbation, but since they do not have a limiter, they plunge inward entirely. It is very difficult to extract something from the anus without outside help. And sometimes a surgical operation is required to remove an extraneous subject.

If you use a special anal bushings or stimulants, they will not enter too deep and do not get stuck in the body. These are safe sex toys if you operate correctly. But it is important to remember that if an intimate product does not have a limiter, it definitely does not fit for the anus.

Sexopathologists say that experiments in sex are good. Any attempts to diversify the proximity strengthen relationships. And anal affection, buying products for adults – this is a step towards improving interaction. Such caresses require attentiveness, discussion of sensations, pronouncing fantasies. And this is useful.

But proctologists do not always agree with this position. Anal sex can be harmful if it passes without lubrication. In such cases, cracks or breaks occur. Injuries are possible if you rush in the process and move the sex toy too intense. But you still do not need to practice anal too often. Doctors do not prohibit such actions, but call for accuracy and moderation.

Reviews about anal traffic jams

To make the right choice and buy a sleeve of the right size, you should read reviews about anal traffic jams from buyers. These are real opinions of people who have already tried a specific model. But it is always worth remembering that reviews about anal toys are subjective. And if one person liked something, it can cause a reverse reaction in another.

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