How the anal is going on for the first time? Stories of real people, tips for beginners | Questions about anal sex

How the anal is going on for the first time? Stories of real people, tips for beginners.

How the anal is going on for the first time? Stories of real people, tips for beginners | Questions about anal sex
How the anal of real people took place for the first time? What sensations did they experience with such contact? Is it really very painful or, conversely, everything is pleasant? We decided to figure out what is happening Deprivation of anal virginity. And we also found out what could interfere with receiving pleasure. Simple actions help from the first attempts to love this type of sex.

Anal sex has already ceased to be a forbidden topic today, although it is still at the same time both exciting-exciting and frightening for many steam. Most often, women refuse a man in such pleasure due to fear of getting pain and injury, disgrace and stain his partner. But the correct actions and mood will help you overcome these boundaries and Enjoy the process.

In any case, anal sex brings strange and unusual sensations of both a woman and a man. The first times are especially exciting. It is the beginning of the study of the anus that often causes fear and other negative points, which, with regular practice and the right approach, quickly cease to be a problem. Today we decided to share with you how the anal is happening for the first time and What do women feel.

Pain during anal sex

Fear of pain is one of the main reasons for the refusal to try anal sex. In fact, this fear is not sound. Pain can occur at the first penetration, and with all subsequent. There may be several reasons for its appearance:

  • insufficient or improper preparation of a woman;
  • insufficient lubrication;
  • too sharp or strong actions of a partner;
  • getting an injury.

But it is worth noting that even the first penetration into the anus can pass painlessly if you approach the issue correctly. Although discomfort is first during and after intercourse is possible and is natural.

The presence or absence of pain almost does not depend on the anatomical structure of the woman. And even The size of the penis may have nothing to do with, since the rectum and the anus can stretch. Affect the presence of a man’s action during preparation and in the process of sexual intercourse. A partner with proper tact and experience can make anal sex one of a woman’s favorite. But he can ruin everything: she will then be afraid of intimacy for a long time or to feel discomfort even when mentioning such a contact.How the anal is going on for the first time? Stories of real people, tips for beginners | Questions about anal sex


First of all, fear during anal sex – especially for the first time – is associated with the unknown. Woman Afraid of experiencing pain or injure. The second common fear is to stain the partner with fecal masses. To reduce the risk of such a development of events, it is necessary to carry out special hygiene procedures, for example, an enema a few hours before sex. But this is not necessary-it is enough 1-2 hours before proximity to empty the intestines.

Another fear of women with anal contact is a strong stretch of the anus, which will lead to feces and gases. But our body is so thought out by nature that such consequences can not be afraid if you do not have anal sex too often or do not practice extreme anal fisting using hands and large objects.


Almost everyone in the post -Soviet space has long been popular with a stereotype that sex – This is something dirty. And anal sex was generally considered a perversion. That is why some women are shameful when anal. You can cope with it a conscious attitude to sex. Ask yourself the question: what is terrible and why you seem to be shameful such penetration. Most likely, the answer to it will help you less critically about such caresses and will allow you to try them.How the anal is going on for the first time? Stories of real people, tips for beginners | Questions about anal sex

Loss of excitement and the inability to relax

One of the troubles that can happen to a woman during the first anal is the loss of excitement and the inability to relax. Here is the task of the partner to take care of the psychological and physical comfort of a woman, to relax as much as possible and prepare for penetration. Typically, this issue is easily solved by caresses of the fingers of the anus, the gradual addiction of a woman during such games and use various toys From a store for adults. If the loss of excitement has occurred, do not be afraid to say about this to the partner. Try traditional caresses, and then you can return to the anal again.

The calls to emptying

The calls to emptying are what often occurs during the first anal penetrations. The main function of the anus is the implementation of defecation and the retention of feces in the gut. Therefore, when something, for example, toys, a finger or a penis enters it, he seeks to push it out. Here there is a feeling of how to defecate and the urge to empty the intestines. But with regular training This problem will go away. At the first time you need to suffer a little.

Sensation of fullness

It is the feeling of fullness that is what women who love anal sex are the first to note. The vagina can stretch strongly, and the anus – less stretch. Therefore, with the penetration of the penis into the rectum, a woman, not yet accustomed to such sex, feels a pleasant fullness. That is why some couples love to practice so much double penetration, when during ordinary sex a woman in the anus has a cork.How the anal is going on for the first time? Stories of real people, tips for beginners | Questions about anal sex


Inexperience of partners, lack of lubrication, sharp actions can lead to negative consequences for a woman:

  • obtaining anus injury and bleeding;
  • falling infection into the vagina and related consequences;
  • constipation caused by pain or fear after anal sex.

In fact, all this can be avoided if you are correctly prepared for anal and will not rush. It is very important to follow the safety rules, to feel a partner.

Orgasm from anal sex

Not always the first time and from ordinary sex, a woman can experience an orgasm. What can we say about anal. Too many factors affects pleasure. But at the same time on the network you can find many women’s reviews that during the anal they experienced not only an orgasm, but also amazingly strong pleasant sensations. Some share their experience, saying that they have experienced multiple orgasms.

Although there are a lot of nerve endings around the anus, during penetration and frictions there is a stimulation of the uterus and other erogenous zones located next to the rectum, from one anal, few women enjoy. Especially if the experience in such sex has a small. Therefore, if you want to deliver a partner joy, combine anal sex with other caresses and clitoris stimulation. Also do not forget to create a suitable atmosphere. A long prelude and preparation for penetration, imagination, viewing erotic photos and videos will help in this.How the anal is going on for the first time? Stories of real people, tips for beginners | Questions about anal sex

Which helps women get maximum pleasure from anal sex

Reviews of many women about anal sex and the recommendations of specialists agree that to achieve maximum pleasure from such caresses, several rules should be followed:

  • Trust the partner. Without trust, such sex can bring discomfort to a woman, cause sphincter spasm and severe pain.
  • Discuss the terms of anal sex in advance and stop if any side has discomfort.
  • Act slowly. It is necessary to move inside with smooth movements millimeter by millimeter. It is better to prepare anus in advance using toys – anal traffic jams, beads, vibrators specially designed for such caresses.
  • In addition to stimulation of the anus, one cannot forget about other erogenous zones of a woman. Especially if it has little experience in anal sex. So, many men, in order to give the pleasure of their partner, continue to caress the clitoris and breasts of a woman.
  • Do not forget about lubrication. In anal sex on the lubricant, you should not save. It is the lack of lubrication that most often provokes pain and discomfort, various anus injuries.

And one more point – remember the safety: use a condom. The rectum microflora differs from the vagina. It can become a source of infection for a man and woman. For the same reason, if you have already entered the anus, do not enter the same condom in the vagina.
As you can see, anal sex is not scary and does not hurt if you are physically and morally ready for it. Millions of women around the world love this type of affection, while others speak negatively about it. You can’t understand if you like such sex or not, until you try. Although the first time in most cases will be non -informative.

If you are afraid and do not know what the sensations from the anal will be for the first time, try to play with sex toys. You can do it yourself or with a partner. Different types of vibrators and anal traffic jams will help to push your boundaries permitted, open new horizons for experiments. Choose any “little thing” you like and try. And we will provide you with a huge assortment of toys for this, provide quick and anonymous delivery throughout Russia and beyond.

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