Games in the backyard or something about anal

Games in the backyard or something about anal.

Nowadays, when sex flows from the screens of TVs, crawls into the ears with lines of songs and constantly flicker before my eyes from all print media, it is difficult to imagine that someone does not know about anal sex. But, recently, during a conversation between my friends, I was dumbfounded by the question of what anal traffic jam is. While I was hanging, realizing whether they were playing me, a friend climbed to google.

So. Anal sex – sexual relations performed by introducing the penis, phalloprosthesis or strapon of one partner into the anus of another. So this is described by Wikipedia.

For many, this is still a forbidden topic and many girls, not to mention guys, categorically refuse this pleasure. Many explain this by the fact that this hole is absolutely not intended for sex and has a specific purpose. Well, men repeat that only people with a certain orientation, for lack of other options, practice this.

To some extent, such thoughts can be called correct. The anal hole, indeed, does not emit lubrication that helps make sex more pleasant. But, the mouth is also not intended to poke the phalluses into it, which does not prevent all men from loveing the blowjob that they make them.

It is difficult to deny the fact that anal sex requires more thorough preparation and is as easy as with vaginal. If the first classic sex can pass without problems, then the first inept attempt to know anal pleasure can end in a deplorable and forever turn away from this lesson.

What underwater stones can meet on the path of newcomers?

  1. You can be bogged down. No matter how rude it sounds, but this is how to understand and accept it. Therefore, you should make an enema before sex, take special pills or go to the toilet well. A partner who is ready to pass fire, water and copper pipes with you, this will not frighten, but go find this now. Although, who was lucky with this, then the cleaning process turns into a small adventure.
  2. Will not fit. With a good lubricant of even decent size, the member enters well even in a completely undeveloped hole. The enjoyment of this is the receiving side, of course, is not the best. And, if you judge only the first time, then, most likely, you will say the second time the firm “no”. The anus must be developed. It takes time and practice.
  3. There may be too much lubrication. This will lead to the fact that if the intestines are not cleaned very well, then this will all go to the exit naturally. Involuntarily. The lubricant dilutes. Do not be scared if this is the only symptom. The same effect causes sperm.
  4. Injuries are possible. This is true. If you do everything wrong, sharply and roughly. You can damage the rectum and sphincter. It is very dangerous. Pop requires tenderness and delicacy. If desired, a restrictive ring is put on the partner’s genitals.
  5. There is a risk of infection with diseases. Like any sex, it is best to engage in anal in condom. Especially with a partner whose medical card is unknown to you. The intestinal walls are quite thin and are easier to miss dangerous infections. Do not forget that combining anal and vaginal sex is dangerous. Bacteria living in these places are not very friends with each other, which is fraught with long treatment.

After reading the minuses, a fair question may arise: “Maybe indeed anal sex is harmful and well?”. If you figure it out, then having any sex is dangerous and can lead to certain consequences. It is worth doing everything right.

  1. Listen to the partner.
  2. Prepare the body for anal sex.
  3. Use condoms and lubricants.

The anal hole can be developed starting with anal plugs of small or finger. The hole gradually gets used to and expands. It is even useful for girls, nothing will crack during childbirth. For men, the benefits of exercises prevent hemorrhoids. And they get pleasure from this no less, they simply do not admit;)

They say that couples practicing anal sex are much closer to each other and marriages of such couples are an order of magnitude stronger. This process brings pleasure and it is much more intimate than ordinary sex. In it, as in any other, you feel the proximity of the partner. Not only physical.

You have anal sex only with someone who you trust endlessly. So do not miss the opportunity to find out a partner even better because of fear or unsuccessful first time. Practice and have fun.

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