Errors in the use of anal traffic jam | Practices

Anal plug errors.

Errors in the use of anal traffic jam | Practices
Anal traffic jam is a toy from an intimate store that allows you to prepare the anus to intimacy, it also imitates double penetration, can be used to massage the prostate, and sometimes used as a decoration. Quite often, when using traffic jams, errors are allowed, beginners can choose the wrong size, they wear it for too long, do not wash it after use. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Before using an anal toy, you need to figure out what effect on it is, because the form of the cork, the material from which it is made, will depend on this, the size of the stimulant.

Errors when using anal traffic jam

Mistakes can bring discomfort, and this is not critical, just a person will not like the device. But sometimes improper use causes infections, and in this case it is necessary to restore health. We strongly recommend that you prevent the following errors.

The anus is not prepared

Before using the toy, it is necessary to prepare anus. You can’t just introduce a stimulant. Be sure to observe Hygiene rules and clean the anus. It is worth emptying the intestines, take a shower. And sometimes it is required to rinse the small intestine. To do this, you can use an enema or use anal shower. Such procedures will give confidence, and when extracting the device there will be no unpleasant surprises.Errors in the use of anal traffic jam | Practices

You can not allow to use anal traffic to another person

Most intimate toys should be individual use. Another person may have various diseases that can be transmitted not only sexually, but also through sex-tovars. Therefore, only its owner should use the cork. If the transmission is necessary, then it is necessary not only to wash the device, but to carefully disinfect it.

Refusal of lubrication

The anus is tender, there are no glands in it that produce the lubricant necessary for sliding. It is important to use Anal lubricants, which help the traffic gently penetrate the anus, painlessly and neatly. Lubrication can be:

  • Silicone.
  • Water based.

Silicone lubricant will provide good sliding, so it is more preferable not only for traffic jam, but also for anal sex. But do not use a silicone toy and silicone grease at the same time. Silicone silicone reacts, and this can lead to the fact that the product will deteriorate.

Instead of special lubrication, saliva, petroleum jelly or some kind of cream cannot be used. These compounds can cause dysbiosis. And they also negatively affect the surface of intimate goods.Errors in the use of anal traffic jam | Practices

Use in intestinal diseases

You can not use anal plug with hemorrhoids, with anal cracks, constipation or diarrhea. Any intestinal diseases are a contraindication to anal games. And even if the anus hurts due to previous experiments, it is worth postponing new experiments until complete recovery.

Long wearing anal toy

Anal plug made of silicone can be wear no more than 6 hours, And if it is made of other material – no more than 3 hours. Otherwise, there may be irritation, discomfort on the skin. At the same time, for constant use, you need to choose a plug of a special shape: flexible, with a thin leg. And its diameter should not exceed 4 cm.

The wrong size of the anal cork is selected

It is important to use a toy for an anus of a suitable size. The stimulator is selected based on the individual characteristics of a person. If a person has the first experience with a product from an intimate store, it is recommended to start with a traffic jam minimum diameter. The large toy size can cause pain, cracks in the anus. After getting used to it, anal toy of larger diameter is used.

No sharp movements

The anal hole does not provide for the introduction of foreign objects into it. The use of anal stimulant can lead to discomfort to avoid this, you need to introduce the cork smoothly, neatly. No need to put a whole toy for the first time. Enter it a few centimeters, then pull it out, then deeper, pull it out again. Thus, The anus will get used to it to an outsider, the muscles will relax.Errors in the use of anal traffic jam | Practices

Do not wash after use

One of the errors of using anal traffic jam is its reuse without preliminary purification. Sex toy must be washed after each use so as not to infect. Together with a cork, microbes, pathogenic bacteria can get into the anus. AND Cleaning must be carried out Immediately after operation. If you leave a sex toy for a while, for example, until morning, bacteria will begin to multiply on its surface. And water procedures will not always be able to remove them completely.

Incorrect choice of posture

This mainly applies to beginners. Experienced owners of anal traffic jam can use it in any position, and those who use it for the first time, the standard is recommended Position in sex, That is, lying on the back. It is also convenient to enter the toy into the anus on a squat or standing on all fours. The process should be convenient and painless.

Frequent use of anal sex toys

Doctors do not prohibit anal sex, but claim that it is not often necessary to practice it. Optimal-no more than 6-8 times a month. If you do this more often, and strongly stretching the hole, there is a probability Disruption of the sphincter. And this causes gas incontinence, feces. All this is treated, but it is better not to bring to such problems.

Observing all the recommendations, you can learn to use anal cork correctly, avoiding errors. Only then can the toy be pleasure and pleasure.

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