Best pose for anal sex

Best pose for anal sex.

Not Doggi Stayl One…

Whoever has tried, he knows who is going to, be sure that during anal sex, supersensitive nerve endings are stimulated, located in the anus, which gives incomparable sensations!

However, often, taking partners (and now we are talking not only about girls) notes that everything happens without their participation, since usually during anal proximity all control is focused in their hands (a khmm, in the hands?) an active partner.

Fortunately, for those who do not want to be content exclusively a passive role, there is one very interesting pose that is simply ideal for anal sex. It will allow you to easily control the depth and, in this case, is especially important, the angle of penetration to the acceptor of the partner. At the same time, the penetrating partner will also have easy access to the clitoris (penis) for additional intensive stimulation, which cannot but rejoice.

Anal orgasm is real?

On the top of the mountain

Put several pillows in front of you, or kneel down in front of the edge of the bed, the hips are perpendicular to the floor. Lean your chest with your hands on top. In this position, your body should be at an angle of 45 degrees regarding the bed or floor. Spread your legs so that the partner can easily enter from behind. Thus, you will look something like this.

Best pose for anal sex

You can argue that this is the same classic doggie of Style, but this is not entirely. Due to the fact that you have a high support and you can keep the body not parallel to the floor, but much higher, you get the opportunity to completely control all movements. Talk to a partner in advance that this time the one who is in front will move. This is especially important at the time of the first penetration. After all, it is the host partner who can choose optimal movements at this moment (usually this must be done very slowly and carefully).

Do not rush with penetration, tease your anus, pushing the penis or strap -on each time a little deeper, but not to the end. Be sure to use sufficient quantities – with anal sex it cannot be too much! And only when you feel that you are ready to accept the head of a member in yourself, do it.

However, do not immerse the penis at the entire length. With anal proximity, the size (in length) plays the minimum role, because all the sensations are concentrated at the entrance (sphincter) and the lower wall of the anal zone, where the border with the vagina or prostate is located.

This pose is also good for the fact that, spreading your legs, you facilitate the penetration as much as possible, stretching the anus. In addition, in this position you will be much more stable and will not get tired for a long time.

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