Anal traffic jams for constant wear

Anal traffic jams for constant wear.

Wearing anal traffic jam during the day is a common practice of lovers of anal sex. In addition to pleasant sensations while walking, wearing a plug in the afternoon will prepare an anus for an evening romantic adventure. Remember that wearing anal traffic jam should not cause unpleasant sensations. The size of the sex toy It should be selected based on your capabilities, and if you want to increase the diameter of the product.

How much you can walk with anal traffic? Do not do this all day. The optimal time for beginners is 1 – 1.5 hours, and for "advanced users" Wearing time can increase to 4-6 hours a day. Listen to your feelings: if the cork is discomfort, we recommend that you extract the product for some time.

Choose a plag With or without texture – Your personal discretion. Undoubtedly, additional bends and bulges on the traffic jam will give additional sensations, but with direct walking they can interfere, so we recommend that you pay attention to traffic jams with a smooth surface.

The material from which your traffic jam will be made for constant wear should be Silicon. Why exactly silicone? Because this material is hypoallergenic and, most importantly, does not absorb smells. Do not forget about the lubricant.

We recommend using lubrication only on water -based, Because if you use a silicone -based lubricant, then underwear and clothes can be stained and this can become noticeable to others. Closures for constantly wearing are distinguished by a special limiter that creates an anatomical shape and does not allow the product to slip in.

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