Anal traffic jam: reviews of girls, women and men

Anal traffic jam: reviews of girls, women and men.

Anal traffic jam: reviews of girls, women and men

Anal traffic jam is one of the most popular sex toys for light anal caresses.

We read the forums and collected reviews of those who tried the anal cork:

  • Reviews about sex with anal traffic jam
  •  Reviews about the anal traffic of girls and women
  • Reviews about wearing anal traffic jam
  • reviews about anal traffic with a tail, rhinestones, metal, with vibration and inflatable

The stylistics is fully observed, as in the source.

Reviews about the sensations of girls and women who walk with anal traffic

Anal traffic jam: reviews of girls, women and men

Thanks to this post, I became a followed by walking with a cork. There are no ways to try especially many options, but the piece of iron is really high. Once in the summer I was driving in a gazelle, a girl turned and stood at a traffic light. Her dress raised her wind, and she was without panties. Now I have, if not an obsessive idea, then an exciting idea to get into the same situation, only so that the stroke of the Strazik sticks out cool.

And in general, compared to others, the iron cork wins greatly. Here, for example (if I repeat, do not be offended):

  1. Thin neck, does not cause excessive stretching of the anus;
  2. Pleasant severity in the pope;
  3. Never falls out;
  4. You can walk for a long time, when the lubricant is hardened does not stick and is easily pulled out;
  5. There is no allergy;
  6. Much more hygienic than plastic;
  7. Masturbation gives great pleasure (narrow-chiro-uzko and t.D.);
  8. I want someone to see by accident;
  9. When she is in the priest, you behave differently (much more erotic, with plastic such much less – it does not allow you to forget about yourself).

See how many pluses!

– I went into the intimate, bought a traffic jam of 5 cm. Inserted and went to work, and she, the creature fell out, almost died of shame.

– The thing is that the cork was heavy or small, or it was without panties and at the most inopportune moment the anus relaxed.

The cork that is depicted above with the faceted stone, they are one price and is almost twice as much as they are more expensive from a light metal . They are small and more, maybe she used small while for her the one is more suitable for her .

Judging by what and how much they write about it, I made a conclusion that there are many people with anal traffic jams. And not only that, they go to work, go to the car, in the subway, by bus and bicycle. It is only a pity that people with such interests do not have a non -vowel sign so that the same people can recognize them in the crowd and get to know them. Then in the world a little more happy people would become a little more.

Diameter 4 cm. it is spherical and not long. very convenient, except that her base is round. I think the oval will be more convenient for walking. just for walking, they say you need to choose a plug with a narrow leg. Then she will not jump out.

Different traffic jams are needed, traffic jams are important))) The main thing is that there are high -quality and safe. I like heavy metal with a tail, and silicone is also not bad, the sensations are different.

Reviews of men about sensations from anal traffic jam

Anal traffic jam: reviews of girls, women and men

Everything will be ok with the anus! This is the usual muscle training!

It is probably not convenient for a man … You can inadvertently finish at the most inopportune moment … There is also a prostate stimulation. And when moving, it will work more actively)

I was also addicted to walk with a cork … True, I have not a metal, but a gel realistic. It is noticeable enough by weight and volume. My priest likes ..

You can … if there was already experience in “anal affairs” and there is no inconvenience and discomfort, well, it is natural for yourself size and shape … It is better to start from home, walk around the house if everything is in order and does not interfere, then you can walk along the street calmly along the street

An inflatable cork allows you to feel a feeling of fullness, which gives additional excitement. Used as a warm -up simulator before anal sex. Also, if the cork is selected correctly, you can adjust the pressure on the prostate.

In a word you will not try, you will not understand.

It is possible, but you need to choose a cork not with a round base, but with oval – it is more convenient between the buttocks and should hardly cause discomfort. But this is the theory, as in practice – xs.

Yesterday I drove into an intimate store and purchased such a desired plug-metal plug 9 × 3.7 cm., with a thin leg and a wide round base, crowned with a pink crystal. In broad daylight, drove into the park and inserted it into his senses! !! The weight of my toy is 300 grams!….The excitement is frantic! At first it seemed that she would fall out, but having walked around the car, she understood;that it’s not so easy to extract it! :)) after 15 minutes I already walked around the store with pleasure, squeezing the cherished device with an anal sphincter! A sea of positive emotions and undisguised joy!

Reviews about the sensations from sex with anal traffic jam

Anal traffic jam: reviews of girls, women and men

I don’t like the anal vibrator. It hurts it healthy. And the non -bending completely. maybe this is like this – I don’t know. The husband ordered the Internet. But I liked sex with anal traffic jam. When during the “kuni” there is also a cork in the ass ….pleasure!:: :()))

I have a traffic jam 🙂Lilacs of such balls of different diameters – my beloved gave … We often use, especially NRA in combination with oral sex both in my performance …The sensations are super and with me and I, I will say more – I do not experience such a buzz from any other sex … The length is ~ 18 cm, and balls from 1.5 to 3 cm in diameter, soft, sort of like silicone..Price 120 UAH …to the way are suitable for both holes))

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