Anal sex without a condom. Is it possible and what are the consequences?

Anal sex without a condom. Is it possible and what are the consequences?.

Anal sex without a condom is a passionate desire for many representatives of the stronger sex, unlike women who often get only painful sensations from this sexual intercourse. Condema provides gliding in one way or another, although a special lubricant solves this problem much better.

Also, many men and women believe that anal sex without a condom is normal and safe.

However, it will never be superfluous, its use is one of the rules for compliance with personal hygiene. Otherwise, the harm of anal sex can be much more tangible.

Anal sex without protection can result in unpleasant health consequences, psychological problems may also appear. You should familiarize yourself with the opinions of doctors about anal sex without condom.

The couple needs to prepare for various surprises. This act of love is recommended only with the partner with whom the relations are checked.

That hides anal sex without a condom

It should be borne in mind that all sexually transmitted diseases can be obtained with this contact.

Also, at the end, a woman can become pregnant, since sperm flows from the anus into the vagina.

In addition, in the intestine, the microflora differs from the vagina and its individual components, for example, E. coli, have a negative effect on the genitourinary system, cause unpleasant diseases, for example, cystitis.

Advantages and disadvantages

If, with ordinary sexual intercourse in a condom, partners are violated, with this method this will not happen.

The anus is initially significantly already vaginal, so the man receives active stimulation of the penis. People accustomed to anal in the future may stop getting orgasms from vaginal contact.

The nerve endings in the anus are slightly different, that is, a woman will not distinguish between a relief penis or more even in latex.

Among the shortcomings are unjustified risk, psychological fear and constant control and anxiety. Doctors say that it is better to use protective equipment.

Anal sexual intercourse can lead to cracks and gaps, painful sensations and bleeding.

Such things can not be left by itself, you must consult a doctor for consultation and treatment. If you miss an important period, then the injury can lead to hemorrhages and serious inflammation.


If partners are decided on anal act without protection, a woman needs to take care of training. It should empty the intestines and perform cleansing procedures, such as an enema or washing. To do this, use a special anal shower.

These are not very pleasant events, but without them, feces can remain on the member, which will overshadow the impressions of the act of love.

It is important to know that anal and classic sex is not allowed to alternate. If one contact has already occurred, before the next you need to go into the shower and perform hygiene procedures.

Even if there was protected anal sexual contact, a condom with a new.

With anal sex, it is recommended to use special condoms. On sale shows condoms specifically for anal sex.

It is believed that they are made of denser latex, but this. They differ only in high elasticity and additional lubrication.

Otherwise, condoms for anal sex are not inferior to standard and do not reduce the sensitivity. Moreover, given the strong pressure on the penis during anal penetration, it will even be useful to dull sensations a little.

Than anal sex without a condom is dangerous

Anal sex without a condom threatens the appearance of various diseases and consequences. Gynecologist or urologist will talk about a huge list of potential urogenital problems, even gonorrhea. Therefore, each person himself is obliged to decide whether it is justified to take such a risk.

It is better to discuss partners in advance of discussing the application of the condom, pick up a lubricant even if there is barrier protection.

Most of the brands produce a line of anal condoms, which are more stable and strength.

Sometimes these are products with a flavor or other interesting features. It is also possible to use standard protective equipment.

Than anal sex without a condom is dangerous for a man?

Speaking of all risks and unpleasant consequences, for some reason, we mean the accepting side, that is, the girl.

Well, as a rule, this is a girl, although far from always. At the same time, we forget about an active partner that he is less susceptible to infection with possible viruses. Only this is not at all like.

We considered this topic in more detail in the article “HIV with anal sex”, I advise you to read. In general, the partner’s intestines are not the most sterile place and the abundance of various microorganisms for him is a completely normal environment.

Only now all these microorganisms are usually an infection that does not strongly spoil the life of a woman, but when it gets into the urethra causes serious inflammation. The most annoying thing is that this does not appear immediately and not too bright.

That is, to understand that sexual intercourse did not pass without a trace, it will only work out after a while. There may not be many problems from not too dangerous staphylococcus, but the human papilloma virus is able to turn life from laboratory to the doctor and so on in a circle.

Anal sex without a condom is somewhat similar to driving without a seat belt. Drivers often say that the belt is inconvenient and in the event of an accident can block a person. So it was only once in history, when a person got stuck and burned alive.

In the remaining millions of accidents, the belt saved life. With a condom in this case, the situation is the same. There were a couple of cases in the world, when the sensations were really disgusting with him.

But in the remaining millions of sexual intercourse, he prevented the transfer of serious diseases. Sex is cool entertainment, so why make it last in your life?!

Therefore, one simple truth should be learned – you can have anal sex without a condom only with a proven partner, after high -quality hygienic preparation and with a mandatory anal shower after the act. But even this does not guarantee a complete lack of trouble.

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