Anal sex rules – details

How to do anal correctly.

It is important to note that often in adult films an aggressive penetration of a partner into the anus is shown. And what is especially remarkable, such partners show strong pleasure and pleasant sensations. After the views of such moments, men believe that they can with ease to conquer these places, because their halves will be very pleasant. But here do not forget that professional porn actors are shot in the videos, whose experience in sex is great and their anus has been developed. This does not mean that such sex is unpleasant: no, it can really deliver a lot of pleasure, but only everything will depend on the one who will perform penetration into the anus and on whether they are fulfilled by the rules of anal sex.

Anal sex rules – details

The main rules of the anal

When having anal sex, it must be borne in mind that it can harm: cracks in the anus, hemorrhoids, problems with the intestines and the like. The rules of safe anal sex include five elements:

  • a large amount of lubrication, since without additional moisture, such a process can be painful and unpleasant. It is recommended to use special anal lubricant with painkillers, especially if this is your first experience;
  • Using a condom is another very important rule, as it is necessary to use contraception. This type of sex is excluded even if sperm gets, but there is a risk of infection with various diseases. This is due to the fact that during the penetration on the walls of the anus, microcracks can form. Through them, various viruses and bacteria instantly enter the bloodstream;
  • preceding hygiene – it is especially necessary to take into account with unprotected contact. Before sex, be sure to take a shower to reduce the risk of bacteria transmission. The same must be done if, after anal penetration, you plan vaginal;
  • Full self -control – a man must absolutely control himself and observe the correct poses, there is no place for stiffness and rudeness. Avoid sudden movements, the walls of the anus are not so resistant to such stimulations, which can be easily damaged;
  • systematicity – this applies to both partners. With the first experience of a positive result, you can not wait, because the walls of the anus have not yet been developed and it will be doubly difficult to achieve orgasm. However, you should not despair at all, the main thing is to follow all the rules of preparation for anal sex and success will be guaranteed.

If during anal sex there is any pain, then it is better to stop immediately and take a break, or even stop. Also, with anal sex, it is better to discuss everything with your soul mate, there are no sudden captures by force here. Not all women agree to anal sex, so it must be discussed in advance. Also, anal sex must be done in a condom, because the intestinal walls are not designed for such, so inflammation may occur. But, of course, most men are attracted to the opportunity to safely finish in a partner. As we have already said, this kind of sexual pleasures must be approached with responsibility and patience. Here spontaneity and surprises are useless, because the anal entrance is not intended to penetrate the penis, which means it can easily be damaged with the wrong approach.

Anal toys

We advise girls to learn how to relax. A warm and pleasant bath can help this. When the whole body is relaxed, you can try to develop your anus alternately. It will be better if you buy anal plug in advance. During the bathroom, put it into the anus, thereby lifting your ass to the upcoming sex. In general, intimate toys in can really provide great help by preparing and teaching a person. The same traffic jam from a sex shop is able to properly train your rear opening to “reception” and proper relaxation. The main thing here is to decide on the choice, because when you come to the store you can be confused in a variety. In order for you to know how to have anal sex correctly, we will give examples of the most popular and simple toys:

  • for beginners – these traffic jams have a simple shape, made of soft silicone, pleasant to the touch. It is important to note that they have no smell or taste, the surface is absolutely safe for any type of mucosa. The shape is round, narrow to the end to make the entry as comfortable as possible. At the end there is a rectangular limiter that will protect with a deep penetration;

Anal sex rules – details

  • Vibrostimulators are already an option for more experienced people. May consist of several vibrating balls, the number of which will depend on the depth of penetration. At the end there is a limiter, and the balls themselves create a pleasant vibration inside;

Anal sex rules – details

  • Original traffic jams – suitable as a variety. You can find stimulants of bizarre and unusual forms. For example, below is a option in the form of a cherry. At the end there is a rounded stem, due to it, the toy from the anus occurs. Inside the “berry” itself is an additional load that shifts the center of gravity. Thus, during walking or movements, the anus stimulation occurs. This is a great massager and assistant in Kegel exercises.

Anal sex rules – details

When using intimate toys, anal rules include a responsible approach to choosing. Pay attention to the quality of products, if there are any doubts, then refuse to buy. Dubious stimulant can harm your health.

Penetration technique

Now let’s turn to the guys, because a lot depends on them in this matter. You already realized that before the sexual intercourse itself it is necessary to adhere to hygiene, and during the “games” to avoid aggression, it is very important to properly penetrate.

Initially, the rear hole must be developed with fingers. This must be done carefully and screwing movements. When the fingers turn out to be half inside, you can slightly push them to the side to expand the distance between the walls. Only after the anus hole stretches to the size of the head, you can make penetration.

At first, a girl can feel a craving for defecation, you should not worry, such feelings – false, it is necessary to relax and after a while these urge will disappear.

Male movements are smooth and gradual, sharp jerks should not be done. It is very important to listen to the wishes of the girl, for the first time she should oversee everyone.

Food before sex in the ass

Now many will be surprised, because what is the relationship between food and our theme? However, there is a relationship, and even cramped. So that during sexual intercourse there is no unpleasant situation, preparation for anal sex should take place in terms of diet. The day before, you should not lean on heavy food, for example, fish, meat, cottage cheese or mushrooms. These products have been digested for too long, so the anus can be clogged. Also, you should not eat food that provokes gas formation in the intestines in a few hours: raw fruits, vegetables, dairy products and so on.

If it so happened that you feel the severity and clogging in the intestines, you can put yourself an enema. This method is not welcomed, as this violates the intestinal microflora, which worsens the chair, so resorting to it only in rare cases. To do this, you can purchase a sprint or a finished enema in a pharmacy. At least two to three hours before intercourse.

How often you can have anal sex?

In a sexual act, its regularity is important in the back hole, but not the frequency. It is often not worth resorting to this option of sexual satisfaction, sexologists recommend taking a break from 10 to 14 days. Such a time is enough that all the resulting wounds and cracks are dragging on, and the rear passage will again come to its original position.

Anal sex rules – details

If you often resort to anal caresses, the following consequences may occur:

  • Weakening of the walls of the anus-due to the fact that the anus will often be in a relaxed state, its walls will become weak. This will lead to incontinence of defecation, hemorrhoids and the loss of the colon;
  • The development of infections – if you do not allow cracks and damage to heal, then hematomas and erosion can form. Over time, this leads to colon cancer.

It is not worth it to be overly scared by all of the above, because this can only come if you do not adhere to the above laws of anus sex. Strict adherence to all recommendations and proper preparation for anal sex will protect you and give a lot of pleasant sensations.

Anal sex can bring pleasure, both a woman and a man, and if at least one partner suffers, it is better to forget about him at all. Some people are simply completely abandoning him, and there is nothing to be done here. A huge role is played by the mentality of people.

Girls from Asia really love anal sex and they like it more than traditional. As for Europeans, many of them do not even want to talk about this.

And now we will give advice separately for men and women so that your first anal sex passes with the highest result.

Anal laws for women

Anal sex rules – details

  1. Exclude an element of surprise, only proper preparation will allow you to enjoy the process.
  2. In order to prevent a woman from experiencing discomfort during intercourse, her intestines must be relieved of gases. It is necessary to abandon the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables 2-3 days before sex, especially from cabbage. All these products are gaseous.
  3.  Before sexual intercourse, it is imperative to take a shower and rinse the back area, you can use the corresponding gels for intimate areas. They do not have aggressive substances and will not damage the microflora. For anal classes, it is enough to clean the first 3-4 cm, this can be done using a shower nozzle.
  4. Lubrication – the girl must ensure that her partner involves a large amount of lubricant. After all, with a small number, it is its passage that will suffer, and various kinds of diseases may occur.
  5. After completion, you need to carefully, but fully rinse the entire anus and grease it with a panthenol.

Anal penetration rules for men

Anal sex rules – details

Men should also take the correct preparation and take into account the correct moments: men should also be:

  1. Before entering your partner, it is necessary that she be excited as much as possible. Excitement borders on relaxation, which is why it will not be so painful and difficult. In addition, before entering a member, you need to stretch the anus a little with your fingers.
  2. Be sure to remember a large amount of lubrication. It should not just be a lot, but a lot. Firstly, it will be easier to enter the narrow passage of a partner with her, and secondly-this will protect the anus from damage.
  3. It is advisable to use a condom. Since there are many bacteria in the anus, a man can bring them to his urethra, and then infect his partner. If this is not tolerated, then it is advisable to conduct such experiments with only one partner.
  4. Important advice on anal for men – movements should be smooth. There is no place for aggression and strength. The woman’s anus is fragile and sensitive, which is why it is easy for him to harm.
  5. If after anal sex you want to do vaginal, then you must definitely change the condom or rinse the member with a soap solution.

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