Anal rhinestones | Anal traffic jams and jewelry with rhinestones and crystals

Anal rhinestones or anal crystals. How to choose jewelry for anus?.

Anal rhinestones | Anal traffic jams and jewelry with rhinestones and crystals
Anal traffic jams with crystals are bought by more and more people every year. They are a great gift and allow you to easily prepare for anal sex. The variety of forms and sizes give the opportunity to choose the perfect thing for personal use. Who will be useful for rhinestones for priests? How to choose the best model?

What is anal plug with rhinestones?

The anal crystal consists of two parts: it is a submersible part and a decorative element at the base. The cork has a drop -shaped or conical shape, so that the vision is comfortable and painless. Followed by a thin leg and a wide base that prevent the deep penetration of the device into the body. And it is on the basis that the color crystal is located.

Anal traffic jams differ in size, material, type of crystal and its color. Rhinestones can be round, oval, in the shape of a heart or even a flower. The main selection criterion is the attractiveness of a sex toy. But you need to pay attention to the purchase with diameter, weight and coating.

Why do we need anal traffic jams with rhinestones

Anal plug with a crystal is not only jewelry, it can be used to expand sensations during sex and masturbation. For what experiments such a thing is useful?

  • The narrowing of the vagina. When the anal traffic jam in the anus is immersed in the girl’s anus, her bosom occurs. Ordinary sex becomes more sensitive, both a man and a woman gets more pleasure.
  • Preparation for anal sex. The introduction of a sleeve and its placement in the body for some time allows you to get used to the object in the anus. This removes pain during experiments with a partner and eliminates the feeling of inconvenience with anal penetration.
  • Body decoration. Anal plug with rhinestones is not clothes, but at the same time adorns the body. She does not interfere with intimacy, but gives her piquancy. The crystal in the pope looks elegant and exciting.
  • Temperature games. If the anal rhinestone is made of metal or glass, it can be used for thermal fiber. These materials can be heated or cooled by placing them in hot or cold water, then the introduction into the body becomes more interesting. Metal holds the temperature up to 15 minutes, glass up to 10 minutes.
  • Wearing anal traffic jam. Higher sleeve gives a feeling of fullness. You can deal with it with any business, feeling easy excitement. In the body sex toy can safely be up to 6 hours in a row, it depends on the material. The traffic jam does not interfere with movements, invisible under clothing, suitable for frequent intensive use.
  • Great gift. You can present anal rhinestones for any holiday. This is a good present that any woman will like. There may be a glass crystal or real decoration at the base. Anal bushings are packed in stylish boxes that are ideal for a gift.

The variety of colors and forms of jewelry for priests makes it possible to find the perfect thing. Today you can even buy a sleeve with a beautiful heart at the base. And this is a ready gift.Anal rhinestones | Anal traffic jams and jewelry with rhinestones and crystals

Who needs anal plug with rhinestones?

Buy anal jewelry is worth any pair. This device will allow you to experience new sensations, feel more emotions and diversify the usual sex. Who most often buys anal bushings with rhinestones?

  • Fans of anal sex. For them, decoration is part of the usual sex. They experiment in different traffic jams, expanding emotions, receiving new experiences. Anal allows you to make proximity more exciting, and sex toys for him are excellent assistants.
  • People who feel discomfort during anal penetration. They need anal bushings to get used to sensations, eliminate pain. And if the cork looks elegant and elegant, this will only increase the desire to overcome discomfort. Only a few experiments with a sex toy will help stop straining during an act with a partner, change the pain threshold.
  • Those who want to experience more experiences during proximity and masturbation. The subject in the anus enhances excitement. Fulfillment, severity is the experiences that complement the usual movements. Pleasure becomes voluminous and interesting.
  • People who are looking for an original gift for a loved one. Anal rhinestones have different costs: there are expensive and cheap options. Such a gift is available for people with any income. And such a thing will definitely not be superfluous for people who love sex. A stylish present will be remembered for a long time.
  • Couples who want to diversify their sex life. Where to start experiments? Which sex toy to buy the first? The crystal for priests is suitable for beginners. The choice of jewelry, its fitting, the exchange of impressions not only physically bring partners closer, but also emotionally make them closer. And at the time of the purchase, you will be able to tell about erotic fantasies, share his innermost desires.
  • Fans of experiments with temperature. If hot or cold objects are excited, then anal plugs made of metal and glass will definitely like. After all, it is in the area of the anus that there are many sensitive endings that respond to heat and cooling.
  • Collectors of interesting sex toys. A worthy selection of sex-toyvars should include beautiful sex toys. Jewelry will be an excellent addition to any set. And you can choose options with different diameters at once to alternate them and enjoy them.

Anal traffic jams with rhinestones

The base of the anal decoration is made of different materials. Almost always it is a hard material that does not have flexibility. Most often, they use:

  • Silicon. It covers the submersible part only from above, inside another material, and the cork can have different weight. Such a device in the body will be able to leave for the maximum amount of time – up to 6 hours. Use is possible with a lubricant only on water -based.
  • Metal. For the manufacture of anal sex toys, medical steel is used. Anal cork is laid or cast. If the void is inside, then the sleeve weighs up to 70 g. The weight of a cast sex toy reaches 350g. Metal can be used for wearing, but comfortably use light sex toys. They are suitable for prolonged wearing, and heavy only for short -term experiments.
  • Glass. This is durable and safe material. Borosilicate glass does not beat, does not break, cracks are not formed on its surface. Such anal plug with rhinestones serves for decades. And it is also suitable for games with temperature, like metal models. It is permissible to use it with any lubricants and wash in different ways.

Anal rhinestones | Anal traffic jams and jewelry with rhinestones and crystals

The size of anal traffic jams with crystals

Anal jewelry belong to hard anal stimulants. Such devices are not suitable for long -term wearing. These are decorative sex toys. They are small and medium sizes, they do not let out giant anal rhinestones. What size of the jewelry for the anus to choose for personal use?

  • Up to 3 centimeters. Small traffic jams with rhinestones for the anus are ideal for beginners. They simply enter them into the body, they do not prevent movements. To immerse the device, you only need to slightly develop a hole, there are no long preparations. And for wearing such models are ideal.
  • 3-5 centimeters. These are options for experienced users. If earlier there was the experience of using bushings for the anus, you can choose such a thing. But it will be hard to wear. And preparation for use takes more time.

So that there are no difficulties with immersion, a lubricant is necessarily needed. There is no natural moisture in the anus area, so the lubricant will need. With sex toys, it is better to use water-based options.

How to choose anal rhinestone relief?

The crystal for priests may look different. The submersible part is created smooth and embossed. What is the difference in such models?

  • Smooth. Businesses with crystals for priests with smooth walls are introduced very easily. As if they slip inside, only slightly expanding the sphincter. It is not painful and not scary.
  • Ribbed. If there are ribs on the submersible part, they massage the anus. Their introduction is felt very intensively, and the excitement is growing. But such massage is recommended for experienced users, and not for beginners.

And the anal decoration can have a relief leg. Since it is this part that is covered by the anus, the sensations are very pleasant. But if you do not move the cork, then the relief does not affect the body too much.
.Anal rhinestones | Anal traffic jams and jewelry with rhinestones and crystals
Anal cork can be moved back and forth in the hole, but it was not created for this. If you want progressive movements, it is better to choose Anal stimulant. It is convenient for them to move, it allows you to enjoy movements in full.

Types of crystals in anal jewelry

What are crystals from anal traffic jams from? What are they?

  • Crystal shape. Anal rhinestones can be of different shapes. Most often there are round. But there are still in the shape of a heart, flower. The form does not affect the use. She plays only a decorative role. Someone chooses more flat options, someone convex rhinestones. They reflect in differently light.
  • Crystal material. In classic models crystal made of colored glass. Many faces make it very attractive. There are expensive models in which Swarovski crystals are used. Their cutting is much more interesting, but again, this affects only the appearance of the device, and not on its functionality.
  • Replaceable crystals. There are sets with interchangeable crystals. In such sets, at least 2 stones of different colors. And if the jewelry is selected to the color of the linen, you can find the best option.

You can always buy anal crystals in our store. Options at different prices, from different material is always available. And reviews about anal jewelry will help to find the best solution.

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