Anal pregnancy: is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex without a condom

Anal pregnancy: is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex without a condom.

Anal pregnancy: is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex without a condom

Many consider non -traditional sexual intimacy not only a great variety for intimate relationships, but also the most reliable way to protect. And today our conversation on the anal theme will not leave you indifferent, because the problem is fire! As a rule, a question, Is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex, Young girls and guys who are not so educated in the field of sexual relations are set.

Some people assure that anal contact without a condom is a risk not only of STD, but also an undesirable pregnancy. But in fact, whether this kind of “immaculate” conception can occur when the sperm crawled in the ass, but ended up in the uterus? If you practice sex “behind” and do not plan the heirs, then this hot Temka is for you! We will discuss the “Anal Pregnancy” and find out if at least one person with such a pathology in the Guinness Book of Records hit!

Get pregnant through anal, really or nonsense

Recently, we have been scared by the fact that conception can occur with any type of sex: sucked a member – flew, gave in the ass – hello, toxicosis. Soon they will write about childbirth through the anus, well, and they will be born only as assholes! Dear readers, no good reason under these statements! They just try to suck as much rubber products, lubricants and other products from pharmacies and sex shops as possible.

Anal pregnancy: is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex without a condom

And anal sex, as a method of protection from unwanted pregnancy, works! If a man ends in the ass, you will not give birth for the simple reason that there is no connection between the rectum and the genitals! The uterus with the intestines is not connected by any secret underground passage, and spermatozoa has not yet learned to teleport to teleport! Of course, if everything has rotted inside you, then, purely theoretically, they can crawl out ..

There was not a single case in the world officially registered or in the style of “one woman said” so that a woman becomes pregnant from anal sex! No one! A condom in love of love in the ass is needed only to protect against sexually transmitted diseases, infections and transfer them to the vagina. Everything else is the tales of the Treasury of Brekhunov receiving salaries from sales of products No. 2 and other intimate goods.

Pregnancy myths after anal

Let’s discuss the most pushed to the masses about anal pregnancy. Prepare popcorn and crackers – there will be a complete trash!

Myth 1. About secret paths

“Some ladies have a special pathology of the structure of the internal reproductive organs: the vagina is connected by a micro -configuration to the rectum. Through it, spermatozoa easily penetrates into female sexual paths “.

What a rich fantasy of sex shop managers have! How desperately they fight for a piece of bread with butter! What kind of Mr. “Evidence” came up with this nonsense? According to the logic of approval, part of the feces also falls into the vagina? Most likely, masters of such opuses will say that the feces are solid, and the seed fluid is naturally liquid, so it seeps. But after all, a woman has diarrhea! We imagine how, under the pressure of 10 atmospheres, diarrhea waves break into the vagina and fill the uterus!

People, do not believe in this nonsense! There are no holes in the guts! And the uterus with the booty is not connected in any way!

Myth 2. From anal, you can get pregnant with a capillary way

“Spermatozoa is very tenacious, so you can get pregnant through anal if the sperm leaks and got to the genitals. Further, the spermatozoa rise in the capillary method according to the vagina, and the fastest is implanted into the uterus “.

It is a pity that implantation does not occur in the ass, otherwise you never know, anything can happen in our sinful world. That’s right, only pokes are implanted in the ass. And from priests sperm generally rarely flows out. If you are washed after anal sex, no matter what tenacious sperm, they will not be able to climb anywhere. They died the death of the brave under the influence of an alkaline soap environment or antibacterial napkins, which the girl was rubbing.

Some “storytellers” refer to the fact that even virgins get pregnant after Peting with the end on the crotch. There is a micro -focus in the virgin plea, through which several spermatozoa can penetrate. Consequently, sperm leaning from priests on the labia easily and without obstacles seeps through the barrier of chastity, and voila! Pregnancy after anal sex, and even at the virgin!

Spermatozoa move at a speed of 2-3 mm per hour, and this is under ideal conditions: a period of ovulation, high fertility of partners, etc.D. In fact, the conception will be if a girl deliberately pushes a certain amount of sperm in the vagina itself (some ladies so cunning so much if you want to tie a man with a child). When it enters the surface of the labia, nothing will be.

Men, keep in mind if you do not want children, and your lady declares that she became pregnant from anal, do not believe! Either she herself tapped the “Remains of Love” from the rear passage, or you are a mountain maral with huge horns! These are standard women’s stories, as well as about pregnancy while taking contraceptives. Soon vaccinations and aspirin will begin to fly up to get married and give birth to a child. Beat a hoof on the table, like a true male, and send a liar with a forest.

From anal sex, you can get pregnant in what cases

We’ll make a reservation right away, it is impossible to get pregnant through anal, but after it is quite! If you are two mentally retarded people and practice unacceptable things. Now we will tell you what we are talking about.

Vaginal sex immediately after anal = pregnancy

We doubt that there are unique ones who, after a bright output of sperm in the ass of his pet, immediately pushes the penis in her vagina and continues sexual intercourse. If you are still from their caste, then bring fresh active sperm, cheerfully moving tails in search of where to spend the night, you can in the vagina. When ovulation at the moment, pregnancy will occur with a high probability. But, you see, such a pregnancy is not associated with anal, but rather with poorly developed cognitive functions of the brain of these male and female individuals.

We would say that pregnancy is not the worst tragedy that can occur after anal sex. But the transfer of infections from the ass to the vagina – this will already be a long story in which gynecologists, urologists and other highly qualified personalities will take part.

The girl washed wrongly

Suppose after anal sex sperm leaked and hit the labia, the girl went into the shower, where she thoroughly washed. But instead of washing the seed fluid from the surface, it smeared it throughout the crotch and managed to put it into the vagina (many women climb a finger inside 1-2 cm, so that it was clean even there!).

Understand the simple rule: we wash it with slightly hot water, so that under the influence of the temperature the spermatozoa is killed, while in no case do we climb your fingers inside. Direct the stream of water on the crotch and shake the male seed. If you like to bask after sex in the crib, do not turn from the stomach to your back – then the sperm will remain in the pope. Keep nearby napkins for intimate hygiene to immediately wipe the “product of love”.

After anal sex, be sure to send a man to the shower to wash off the remnants of sperm and bacteria from the anus from the penis. Now you can safely have vaginal sex. Pregnancy and infections from the rectum will not bother you.

Anal pregnancy: is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex without a condom

Do not get pregnant through anal or how to prepare for anal sex correctly

There is nothing complicated in preparation for anal intercourse. We bring the girl to the highest degree of excitement, then there will be no painful sensations. There are several simple ways to avoid failure. Special sex-Tovars will minimize the efforts from the partner and help him do everything right. Dear men, you, as the powerful of this world, as always have to spend money. You know who pays for a woman, he “dancing” her!

We immediately want to recommend restrictive rings for the proud owners of a medium and large member (from 12 cm and above). This device will not allow the rectum to injure the rectum if a man cannot restrain passion and pressure. You can choose the rest of the drugs and cosmetics for the anal to your taste – we have a lot of them!

  • Condoms for anal sex. Yes, there are rubber products intended for this type of intercourse. The latex from which they are made is not damaged in contact with lubricants. And their use will be needed for easy anesthesia. This is especially true for the first anal sex, which we have already written about.
  • Exciting agents – Gels, creams, drops for excitation of women. These goods will help her quickly achieve the peak of passion. After all, it often happens that due to experiences about the upcoming penetration in the ass, the girl is very tense, cannot relax. But in such an emotional state there is no need to talk about excitement.
  • Special body cosmetics. The fair sex is very bothering at the hygiene with anal. They are painful about possible embarrassment during love making “behind”. Intimate cosmetics-a cream for lightening the anus, perfumed balm or body lotion, microlax (microclisms)-will help the young lady to feel in all its glory and completely ready for the upcoming event. Anal spray – antibacterial, relaxing, analgesic or cleansing for toys.

Stock up on everything necessary for a man. The lady will be grateful for touching care and special attention. And gratitude and positive mood are the best allies of a male who wants to engage in non -standard love joys.

Anal pregnancy: is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex without a condom

Why do you need a condom with anal sex

The practice of anal sex without a condom is a game with fire. Maybe he is lucky, and maybe pick up an infection from which you will have to be treated for a long time and tedious. Here are a few reasons why it is worth using a condom.

  • Our arguments did not convince you. You are afraid that from anal you can get pregnant with theoretically possible mechanical flow of sperm into the vagina from the anus. Well, fears-phobia is a serious matter. Better to be rebuilding and put on your favorite condom.
  • It is possible to infect all sexually transmitted infections without exception.
  • Intestinal bacteria entering the vagina, and they have nothing to do there.
  • Infections from the rectum can settle not only in the female body, but also in the male urethra. Purulent urethritis is able to spoil many days of your life!
  • There can be worms of worms in the priest and not only eggs.
  • Sperm in the gut does not affect the body well, as a result of which diarrhea appears. With a frequent sperm hit there, immunity is inhibited there.

And the most reliable way to protect yourself during anal sex from pregnancy and STD is to make a “rear” love with a proven partner!

And an anecdote about pregnancy from anal sex in the end!

One sperm approaches another and says:

“Hello, what are you doing in the ass?”

“Yes, here, I got lost a bit, climbed into the hole” ..

“Uh, brother, do not be sad, let’s go with me, I’ll show you the way!”

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