Anal plug (plag) – how to use and how to choose

Anal plug – how to use and how to choose.

Anal Plag (English. ulcer.: butt plug), also known as anal plug, is a specific form of sex toy, which is introduced into the anus. In their design, they look like a cone on the leg, t.e. wide at the base, and narrow at the end. The main task of such a toy is to stimulate nerve endings that are deep in the anus.

Using anal plug is an excellent prelude before anal sex, and with its help you can give yourself pleasure during masturbation. With the help of her, both men and women will be able to know pleasure during sex, like an explosion of dynamite. Plus all this, men can use them to massage prostate.

How to use anal traffic

  1. It should be remembered about the gold rule in anal sex – using a lubricant. Additional lubrication will create a better sliding, which will contribute to the easier introduction of a plate into the anus.
  2. Choose a convenient pose for yourself:
  • pose standing on all fours (Doggy Style);
  • the pose lying on the back spreading his legs and putting a small pillow under his back;
  • pose, squatting.
  1. In order to comply with elementary hygiene norms, you should always put on a condom on the cork before its introduction and anus. Moreover, before each use, you need to verify the cleanliness of sex toys.
  2. It is necessary to introduce it slowly, trying to use minimal strength. If the first time does not work, then you need to relax or do several breathing exercises and try to enter the plag again.
  3. When it is introduced several cm into the inside, relax the muscles (sphincter) and let it slip out of the anus on its own. Repeat this several times, constantly introducing the cork deeper and deeper so that the body is used to a foreign body.

Vibrating anal plugs become quite popular, the vibration of which can be adjusted using the remote control. Such a cork must be introduced slowly and on non -senile vibration.

Also, in addition to anal vibro, the plugs also have inflatable traffic jams made of elastic latex, which gradually become popular among connoisseurs of experiments in sex. First, they need to be introduced into the anus in an adulthood (these plugs with a diameter of 3-4 cm), and then inflated with the help of a hand pump (the diameter may double in the inflated state).

How to choose anal plug

As for the choice of this sex toy, then some problems may arise if a newcomer is in this area, since their assortment is huge. But in any case, there are three most important points to which you need to pay attention to when buying:

  1. size;
  2. form;
  3. material.

Their dimensions are very different, for example, they can be from 2-5 cm with a diameter. Beginners are recommended not to be particularly experimenting with the size – for the first time it is advisable to choose a plag, the diameter of which is similar to a thickness of one two fingers.

The choice of form depends on the purpose of its use, for example, if a man wants to massage the prostate with it, you will need to choose a special curved plag.

Basically, these sex toys are made of silicone, rubber, metal or even wood. As a rule, each material has both pluses and its disadvantages. Despite the variety of sex toys, anal traffic jams made of soft material are more popular than a solid one, since the risk of getting injured is reduced to a minimum.

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