Anal plug for constant wearing | How to walk | How long and how to choose the right thing

How to choose anal plug for constant wearing.

Anal plug for constant wearing | How to walk | How long and how to choose the right thing
Anal plug for wearing can be in the body for several hours in a row. She gives fullness, but does not constrain movements. Suitable for sexual experiments and massage of internal erogenous zones. But it is important to choose the right model to wearing anal plug to be safe.

All anal sex toys are equipped with limiters. It does not allow the device to be immersed too deep. But anal traffic jams for wearing are created so that the limiter is conveniently placed between the buttocks and does not interfere with the movements. This is a flexible isthmus, not a ring.

People who use anal traffic jams

People want to receive sexual pleasure not only at home, but also in unexpected places. This is especially interesting at work, in a cafe or restaurant, in the gym. But it is not easy to realize such fantasies. But why not use sex toy-toy?

Anal plug of a special shape is absolutely invisible under clothes. She does not constrain movements, does not cause pain or discomfort. At the same time, there is all the time fullness and light excitement.

Men can use anal stimulants for prolonged socks. They will easily feel the pressure on the prostate, and this will also serve as the prevention of many diseases. For women, wearing anal sex toy is a way of excitement. After such an experiment, the desire for proximity increases ten times.

Everyday wear time of anal traffic jam

In the body of sex toys can only be a certain time. For example, rubber products should be used no longer than 3 hours. In the future, irritation is possible. Plastic in the body should be no more than 2 hours. The longest one can wear silicone. The medical composition is safe for 6 hours.

You can wear anal plug all day, but only with interruptions. At these moments it should be washed, dried. The body should rest. Breeding in wearing should be done for at least 30 minutes.

Choosing the material of the anal traffic jam for wearing, do not save. It is better to buy an expensive anal plug than to use cheap dubious quality. At the same time, you should pay attention to the surface. The perfect cork is smooth and even, without cracks, cracks and other damage, where dirt can clog.

The correct form of anal traffic jam for wearing

Choosing a stimulant model for frequent use, you need to choose the right shape. There are drop -shaped models. They are easy to introduce into the body, they gradually stretch the anus, without causing pain. They are convenient for beginner users.

There are anal traffic jams with a bend. These models are ideal for stimulating prostate. They are bought by men to feel pressure in a certain area. The width of the device is more on the tip, which requires stretching the anus before the massager is introduced.

For wearing, it is recommended to choose an anal stimulator with a thin leg. It will be located in the anus area, and the diameter of up to 2 cm will not cause discomfort. Larger traffic jams are suitable for erotic games, but not constant use.

Sizes for wearing

The ideal size of an anal stimulator for wearing – up to 10 cm in length. This is enough to give both fullness and light massage. Sometimes short things are purchased – up to 6 cm.

Each user decides for himself – what sensations he needs. For men, a prostate stimulator should be at least 7 cm in length. For women, smaller sizes are also acceptable. If you want only fullness, then the length is large at all required. But if the pressure on the internal erogenous zones is valuable, which then it is worth paying attention to longer devices.

Vibration in anal stimulants for wearing

Today, traffic jams can have internal mechanisms that cause vibration or pulsation in the device. Such movements enhance pleasure, help relax in the most unexpected places. But it is important to choose the right model so that it is controlled remotely.

The anal vibrator for wearing gives much more experiences than a stimulator without an internal motor. You can use it with movements, and without. Modern models are controlled from a remote control or from a smartphone. Their feature is a quiet job. Inclusion even in a crowded place will not be heard by others.

Choosing a model for wearing vibration, it is worth paying attention to charging the device. The most conveniently rechargeable models. They do not need to buy additional batteries. You just have to charge the device, and it is ready for work again.

A feature of vibrating anal plugs: To activate the device, press the button on the case itself. And only then will a remote control or application on a smartphone work. After 15-30 minutes without the operation of the internal mechanism, the connection is interrupted to save the battery. And to turn on the sex toy, you will have to press the button on the traffic. Therefore, it is important to understand that it will not be possible to maintain the device in the included state, before turning on the vibration, it will be necessary to touch the subject.

Vibration even in the most modern models can last no more than 2 hours. The charge is not enough for a greater time. And individual models work even less. When choosing a cork for wearing, pay attention to the power and time of charge and work.

Constant wearing anal cork

Long -term wearing anal plug can be dangerous if you do not adhere to several rules:

  • Purity. Anal stimulant must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. It is important not only to wash off everything from the surface of the toy, but also process a disinfectant. This thing is plunged into the body, so it is very important to protect the anus from mud entering.
  • Individuality. It is prohibited to transfer the anal traffic to wearing. This is an individual sex toy that is not intended for use by several people. It is very difficult to carry out complete disinfection, therefore, bacteria are also transmitted with a sex toys, and they are individual for each person. Toy transmission can lead to infections, digestive disorder and other diseases.
  • Correct lubrication. Enter an anal plug in the body only with a lubricant. In this case, it is needed not for sliding, but to soften the skin. He protects the anus from cracks. Saving on a lubricant is not worth it. But with sex toys, an option is used only on water-based. It does not affect the surface of the device. When wearing, sometimes the adding of a lubricant during the time of socks is required. If discomfort appears, it is worth increasing the amount of lubricant. It is forbidden to use improvised means instead of a lubricant: creams, lotions, petroleum jelly.
  • Lack of pain. Wearing anal sex toy should not bring discomfort. Any unpleasant sensations are a signal to the fact that the stimulator needs to be removed. Do not hope that addiction will occur. Pain is a sign that the practice needs to be stopped.
  • Anus injuries. After wearing anal cork, an anal hole may hurt. This is caused by muscle tension, possible microcracks. Until these sensations pass, it is forbidden to wear a cork. It is necessary to give the body time to restore after experiments.

Anal stimulation is prohibited for hemorrhoids, prostatitis in an heightened state. Do not experiment if there are anal cracks or there are problems with the stool. Anal plug will not help with constipation or diarrhea, but only worsen the condition.

First time with anal traffic

The first time it is recommended to select an anal plug of a small diameter. And it is worth experimenting at home. Such devices require addiction, and for the first experience there are enough 10-15 minutes in the body.

In the future, it is worth increasing the time of use. Depending on the material, the stimulator can be inside up to 6 hours. Then you must extract it.

What surprises are a newcomer awaiting? Firstly, traces of linen from the lubricant. If you add little lubricant, it will hurt, and for a long time then it will not be possible to repeat the experience. If you add a lot, the spots on linen and clothes are possible. It is worth choosing a thick lubricant that does not flow.

Secondly, there may be a feeling that I want to go to the toilet. Instead of the desired pleasure, there will be a constant desire to cleanse the intestines. This is a temporary sensation. And here it is important gradual addiction to the cork – several minutes for each subsequent time.

The best anal traffic jams for wearing

Which anal traffic jams for wearing? We have collected the best models that are really suitable for such experiments.

Two small traffic jams from the Hot Planet brand.
Medical silicone of excellent quality and small size – traffic jams are as convenient for those who are just starting.
In addition, their limiters are made in such a way that during wearing it is located exactly between the buttocks. In a word, this is Traffic jams of increased comfort And you will probably like them.

Anal traffic jam Mood Naughty-2 for wearing

Anal traffic jam from the American company Doc Johnson was created specifically for wearing. It has a special shape that is conveniently arranged inside the body. It is calculated precisely for prostate massage. The cork is flexible and soft, it does not cause discomfort when wearing. Suitable for all men, as the bend simply repeats the contours of the body. Does not slip out even with active movements. Produced in three different sizes, there is an option for both beginners and for experienced users. Black stimulator, easily washed. Pollution is not visible on the surface. Created from 100% silicone. Suitable for prostate massage, for games in a pair, for masturbation and long -term wearing. It is recommended to keep it safe in the body up to 6 hours. The lubricant suits only water -based.

Prostate massager Fun Factory Bootie

Anal plugs for wearing Bootie are also called prostate massages. This is a series of sex toys of different sizes. You can buy 3 options that differ exactly. Products are presented in three colors. The curved form allows you to gently massage the prostate. At the same time, the limiter does not interfere with movements, it is comfortable. The material is flexible, delicate, can deviate slightly, which makes use convenient for all users. The size can choose both a beginner and an experienced user. And you can also buy a set of 3 stimulants for wearing different sizes, which will cause gradually getting used to something more. Material – velvety silicone. The device is completely waterproof. Suitable for frequent wearing.

Prostate massager Nachtschwarz Xpander X2

A unique anal stimulator is suitable for wearing. Xpander X2 may take shape so that the introduction is comfortable. The size of the introduction decreases by 50%, and then the material straightens inside the body and gives a feeling of fullness. This model is three different sizes. You can buy a small or large stimulant. Model without vibration, but correct shape. When moving will gently touch the prostate gland. Horizontal limiter, does not interfere with movements. Device coating – medical silicone and special antibacterial spraying. This makes use safe and convenient. Can be used with any lubricants. The device is created for a long service.

Anal balls b Balls

Anal sleeve for wearing may be formed by balls. Two balls are connected together and easily introduced into the body. The main feature of this sex toy is that there are internal ones inside external balls, and during movements they roll. And this gives sensations similar to vibration. The more intense movements, the more pleasure. You should definitely take them for a run, to the gym or at the disco. The German quality of the anal balls B Balls guarantees a long service. Since they are made of high -quality silicone, you can wear them up to 6 hours in a row. Balls size 3.2 cm and 3.6 cm in diameter. The limiter is narrow, it is conveniently arranged between the buttocks, it is invisible when using. The model is presented in different colors. The surface is easily cleaned, does not require special storage conditions.

Nuo (je joue)

Elite stimulator for Nuo anus is the European premium quality. Nuo is a luxury sex toy that will like lovers of everything unusual. Inside the device is 2 motor: one on the tip, to touch the prostate, the second in the limiter to massage the crotch. Management is possible with a special pen, it allows you to change the mode with a button, and then choose its intensity with a rotary relay. And NUO can be connected to a smartphone, and then remote control will become available. The stimulator is made of silicone, it is rather flexible and soft. You can wear it in the body until 6 hours in a row. But at the same time it is not small, and before the introduction it is recommended to stretch the anus a little so that it does not hurt. Used with lubricants only on water -based. It is rechargeable. There are 3 different colors.

Hush (lovense)

You can buy anal plug for wearing from Lovense. Hush hut for wearing a vibrating sex toy, which can not only give pleasant experiences, but also cause many orgasms. This device turns on from a smartphone, and can move to the beat of the melodies. And he reacts to surrounding sounds, and can vibrate with them. Hush has two sizes, you can buy a large and small model. Its shape in the form of a drop, it is easy to immerse it in the body. Such a sex toy will appeal to women, because when using the top of the device will concern erogenous zones that are in the vagina. You can turn on a sex device remotely, for this application is placed on two smartphones, one should be next to the cork, and the second in any part of the world.

Ditto (We-Vibe)

The largest number of operating modes for Ditto from We-Vibe. 10 built -in vibration options and each with 10 different speeds. And all this turns on from a smartphone or remote remote control! The anal cork can be inserted into the body and go about your business, and when it will be boring, just turn it on and enjoy what is happening. Anal sleeve for wearing can work in the mode that you came up with yourself. And also this is a sex toy for remote games. You can connect with a person at any end of the planet, and play with him. Pluses device: rechargeable battery, waterproof body, high -quality silicone. And a small cork, so it is suitable for novice users.

Anal plug BVIBE

Rimming traffic jam is an opportunity to experience unusual sensations that no toy is able to give. 6 rows of beads are located in the device of the device. He moves in a circle, massaging anus. And in the body of the toy there is a vibrating mechanism. The combination of massage and vibration gives bliss. BVIBE anal stimulator can use both men and women. The diameter of the cork in the widest place is 4 cm, the diameter of the legs is 2 cm. This is a fairly large sex toy, which will have to be used to. But it really stands out among other models. Material – high -quality silicone. There are 2 colors – blue and black.

Nexus G-Rider Black Prostate Vibrostimulator

Nexus prostate stimulator is a large sex toy for experienced users. It is really large, but at the same time gives a very pleasant sensation. The form is anatomically correct, and not only iron is stimulated, but also the crotch. Special protrusions on the limiter massage the body outside. It works for batteries, turning on is possible only with a button on the device, so this is a toy for home use, but it really helps for the prevention of prostatitis. And with regular use increases male endurance, supports sexual function. Works in 5 different modes. Made of silicone. Has no taste or smell. Cannot be used in water. For use, batteries are needed.

How to wear anal plug correctly? How to choose the best model? It’s simple – pay attention to the options above. And also study the article on how to choose anal stimulants. She will talk about the features of different anal sex toys.

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