Anal chains. How to use. What a pleasure

Anal chains. How to use? What a pleasure?.

Anal chains. How to use

Anal chains. How to use. What a pleasureAnal chain – This is an erotic sex toy for adults, which is used to stimulate and relax the anus. Consists of several balls of the same or different diameter, connected by a dense hitch.

Fear of non -traditional sex – Frequent phenomenon among women. Especially for those who had never been involved in them before.

  • Chain – One of the most popular sexy toys to prepare for anal sex. It helps to stretch the muscles of the anus before penetration, increases the excitement and probability of orgasm.
  • Another of its advantage – This Strengthening the muscles of the vagina, by stretching the anus. Women after childbirth are often recommended to use the chain. The balls in the anus will keep the walls in the tension of the wall, thereby returning the tone and elasticity.
  • The diameter of the balls can be the same along the entire length, and can gradually increase from top to bottom. At the base, the toy has a special limiter that will not allow balls to fail into the intestines. Also, there are models with vibration and rotation. They will suit already advanced users.
  • The toy is often used by men who care about the health of the prostate gland. Prevention and treatment of prostatitis is carried out using prostate stimulation. And this can only be done through the anus, which is why balls sometimes give men more pleasure than women.
  • Beginners We advise you to buy a chain of balls with a diameter of 2 cm. This is less than the average penis diameter. The use of the device will make subsequent penetration pleasant and comfortable.

Anal chain, application

Before you start using the anal chain, you need to remember several rules of operation, safety and personal hygiene.

  1. Like any other sex toy, before use, the chain must be thoroughly washed under warm water and treated with an antiseptic for sex toys.
  2. I never use balls without a lubricant. In the anus, unlike the vagina, there is no natural lubricant, which can cause dryness and discomfort. And in the worst case, microcracks. Properly selected lubrication will make the process painless and safe.
  3. No need to rush and try to put all the balls right away. Some part of the toy should remain outside, so that it is possible to pull them out.
  4. In order to be excited well, first develop a hole with your fingers. And only then start inserting balls. Very slowly and neatly, avoiding sudden movements.
  5. After use, you need to repeat the first point: rinse and treat the toy well with an antiseptic. T.K, the anal chains are difficult to wash, we advise you during the games, put on it a condom.
  6. Never pass your sex tooth to an outsider. This is the same personal subject as, for example, a razor or a toothbrush.

Anal chains. How to use. What a pleasureThe pleasure of the anal chain can get both men and women. Also, you can use the toy in tandem with your favorite. Changing roles alternately.

At the first penetration, you will feel a pleasant stretching of the soft tissues of the anus. And when the chain is inside, goosebumps will run through the body. A delightful feeling of fullness and additional stimulation of the nerve endings around and inside the sphincter will allow you to quickly achieve the peak of pleasure.

If you want to diversify your sex life, to recognize yourself and your partner better, order an anal chain. High -quality materials, a variety of models and the ability to experiment will help make sex better and brighter.

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