All about the anal shower | What is it | How to use | Reviews

All about the anal shower.

All about the anal shower | What is it | How to use | Reviews
Cleaning the intestines before anal sex or stimulation is an extremely desirable procedure if you want to feel more confident and do not plan to get into an awkward situation this evening. You can use the usual enema or Esmarch’s mug, in the old fashioned way. And you can purchase a special anal shower in a sex shop, which is intended not only for effective cleansing. There are models with a tip in the form of a stimulant, so they are suitable for preparing a narrow hole for further penetration. Well, it brings pleasure too, yes.

What he really is

Anal shower, Intimate goods offered by stores, somewhat different from the usual medical enema.
Cleansing with it occurs not only from the depths of the intestines, but also from the walls. This result is achieved by a rather powerful stream of water, which is supplied by a shower, the shape of the tip or nozzle, as well as a spray at the end.

In parallel with cleansing, you can develop anus for further sexual games or even enjoy during the process. And in a medical fetish, such a thing will be an indispensable addition to other procedures.
In the manufacture of the anal shower, metal, silicone, rubber, plastic are used.

What anal shower happens

In the Sex Shop catalog, all the intestinal cleansing devices are called anal shower. But there are still differences between them.
Anal shower happens:

  • In the form of an enema. The most familiar form for everyone.
    It is a rubber pear and tip, mainly removable, which can be absolutely smooth, like an anal shower With interchangeable nozzles or made in the form of a relief stimulant, like Black Velvets or Bad Kitty.
  • There are models with a special valve, preventing fluid return to the container as anal Hydrodush Bathmate.
    It is suitable for those who want to be completely confident that sewage from the anus will not get inside the flask with reverse traction.

When using the anal shower in the form of an enema, it will be necessary to fill the container several times with liquid, but such a device is easy to take on travel.

  • In the form of a set for douching.
    Is a container and nozzles for anal and vaginal cleansing. Gives a direct stream. Such as, Intim Dusche.
    And with the help syringe for douching you can not only clean, but also enter the lubricant.
  • In the form of a shower system.
    It is a set of a hose connected to a home water supply, water switch and nozzles. Such as, Cleanstream Shower Enema System. The water supply regulator in this system is put separately.

    But at Colt Advanced Shower Shot The switch is on the holder itself. Such a system can be installed instead of your shower in the bathroom or hygienic near the toilet, or even withdraw as separate directly from the pipe.
    There are models without a switch, like Aqua Shot Shower. Consists of a hose and tip.
    This system is placed instead of a shower and involves the use of a native switch.

  • In the form of a shower nozzle. It is a tower with a thread on the basis.
    Installed instead of your shower watering can or on an already finished system. Here you need to consider that the thread approaches the hose. Such a device turns your ordinary shower into hygienic.
    For example, Angled Enema Nozzle. This nozzle is made of metal. Thanks to the manufacturing material with the tip, you can use absolutely any lubricant.
  • There are also models from silicone with a relief surface like Hydro Blast, with anatomical form and limiter based on security, or Rear Splash in the form of anal cork. Thus, purification can be used as a separate stimulation.

How to use anal shower

All about the anal shower | What is it | How to use | Reviews
Intestinal cleansing using anal shower can be done independently or connect a partner.
If the shape of the tip is performed In the form of a stimulant, This becomes doubly more interesting and exciting. Thus Cleaning is combined with a prelude.
If you think this is wild, you can do without a partner. But yes, there are people who are not shy, and they really like it.

There are several recommendations that must be observed for comfortable and painless use of the anal shower:

  • Water should not be hot or cold. The best option is room temperature.
    This rule must be observed not only for comfort, but also for easier elimination of fluid from the intestine. Water that is cooler than body temperature leaves the body much faster.
  • The tip inserted into the body must be lubricated Anal lubricant. This is done for easy and painless introduction. For a metal lubricant on any basis is suitable. But for silicone and rubber nozzle it is better to use Water lubricant.
    It is only necessary to consider that the liquid easily rinses such a lubricant and with the repeated introduction of the tip it must be applied again.
  • It is necessary to monitor the pressure of water. A strong stream provides deeper cleansing, but you need to control so that there is no pain or severe discomfort.
    It is recommended to start cleansing with a small jet, gradually increasing the pressure, following the sensations.
  • The most convenient pose for introduction is lying on the side with clenched legs. It is in this position that enemas are put in hospitals.
    But you can make purification in any comfortable pose for you.
  • Together with anal shower, other sex toys can be used, which will help clean the intestines and become part of the sexual game. For example, Anal tunnels.
    The plag with the hole will hold the anus open, and the water will be easier to leave the body.

In order to avoid violation of the functioning of the rectum, cleansing with the help of anal shower is recommended no more than 1-2 times a month, but short intervals with an interval of 2-3 days are allowed. For example, during fasting. Or partner activity.

What is an anal shower for

Intestinal cleansing is necessary not only for anal sex.
In other areas of life, it is also sometimes necessary, and it is very convenient if you have an anal shower.

It can be applied:

  • Before operations and examinations.
  • When visiting a proctologist.
  • With some diets for weight loss and practices of yoga.
  • For the introduction of therapeutic enemas. Medicines and herbal solutions are administered in a warm form for better absorption in the intestinal tissue.
  • With constipation of the colon to facilitate the excretion of feces.

Not always anal shower is useful or even safe for health. Like any effect on the body, it has a number of contraindications, such as hemorrhoids, injuries and microtrauma of the intestines, disturbed microflora.
For any problems associated with the intestines, before applying anal shower, it is worth consulting with specialists.

Which liquid is allowed to use

All about the anal shower | What is it | How to use | Reviews
There are often tips on the Internet, like adding spirits to water, which is cleansed, supposedly to improve the smell. You should not do it.
The spirits contain ethyl alcohol and components that can disturb the intestinal microflora or even apply a chemical burn to the walls.
In addition, the risk of body poisoning is great.

This also applies to alcohol enemas. There were real cases when people received intoxication in such experiments.
To improve the smell, it is better to use a flavored lubricant, For example, JO FLAVORED, And alcohol in moderate quantities use in a standard way, for courage or mood)

It is best to use ordinary water for anal shower.
Sometimes, but rarely decoctions of chamomile or soda solution are allowed. Doctors prescribe glycerin and medicinal enemas for specific diseases.
Naturally, when we are talking about some kind of liquids with additives, it means an anal shower with a capacity. If you choose a model connected to the water supply, then the purification will be carried out only with clean water.

Anal shower helps to prepare yourself or a partner for further sexual games, and allows you to feel confident and liberated.
Using it wisely, following simple recommendations, you will always be satisfied with the result and quality of purification.
And don’t forget the lubricant)

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