A member falls during anal, what to do? | Anal games

A member falls during anal, what to do?.

A member falls during anal, what to do? | Anal games
A rapidly disappearing erection during anal sex is a frequent occurrence, it is found in men of different ages. Such a reaction is associated with several factors at once, excitement, new emotions and fear are valid. But do not despair, this situation can be corrected without pills. Simple actions will maintain an ideal erection for any kind of sex.

Reasons for the weakening of an erection during anal

The reasons for the fall of the penis with anal sex can be many. It is worth excluding medical, related to diseases. A man knows about them himself. But if there are no diseases, you need to understand what went wrong. Distinguish 3 of the most common cause for falling.


Anal sex in itself is specific and causes a whole range of emotions from those who are still not used to it. Excitement is just one of them. Partners are worried that there will be an unpleasant odor or accidental bowel movement, that the penis will be too large and the penetration will be difficult.

As you know, the psychological factor plays far from an important role in intimacy. As a result of this, the man is distracted, the blood rushes to the head and it is no longer possible to concentrate on intercourse.

Strong compression

Another cause of the missing erection is the excessive compression of the penis with the muscles of the sphincter. Penetration into the anus with this type of sex is not simple. At the instinctive level, a contraction of the muscles of the anal hole with persistent penetration of a foreign body into it is laid.

Since anal sex was not biologically provided with nature, such a reaction of the body is quite natural. Moreover, the girl cannot fully control the sphincter. As a result, the penis of the partner is compressed quite strongly. Do not forget that the penis consists of soft tissues and blood, so that the circulation of blood circulation entails an automatic decrease in excitement and, as a result, a fading erection.


This factor includes several possible situations: the wrong angle of the penis enters into the anus of the partner, the lack of lubrication or increased friction, the undeveloped anus of the partner. Simple inattention to details and unpreparedness to sex contribute to the fact that the member is falling.

A man is faced with strong resistance, and this does not contribute to excitement. He cannot pass sphincters, and this weakens male power. It takes more time to develop a hole so that the voltage is minimal.A member falls during anal, what to do? | Anal games

What to do with it?

A weakened erection is not a sentence, it can be corrected. Do not immediately drink pills, they have many side effects. You can cope with other means from a sex shop.

Exciting creams

Exciting creams will be an excellent choice for those who prefer to use external light emulsions, the effect of which passes over time. They are not medicines, can be classified as dietary supplements or cosmetics.

The cream is applied before sex, causes an active rush of blood to a member. And with him you can be sure that nothing will fall. It is suitable in situations where there is a strong excitement. The action lasts 20-30 minutes, but then you can add the composition again.

Erective ring

This sex toy is designed to slow down the outflow of blood from the penis. It can be worn either on the head or on the base of the penis. Put it on at maximum excitation, and then it interferes with the “fall”. The little thing is small in size, does not interfere with the process, does not reduce sensations, but gives confidence.

The ring needs to be selected in size so that there is a noticeable effect. For beginners it is better to choose elastic options. Experienced users buy hard models, accurately knowing their size.

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps are used for a rush of blood to the penis. She helps to get a “stone erection” in a few seconds. You can use it before any sex. But so that the effect lasts longer, the erective ring will not hurt.

The pump is working at any age. And if desired, it can be used to grow penis. Daily workouts will help change the size.If a member falls with anal sex, special accessories will help. You can find them in Our sex shop. This is available, simple, and most importantly, effectively!

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