10 reasons why a man wants anal sex. What to do if the guy wants only anal

10 reasons why a man wants anal sex. What to do if the guy wants only anal.

10 reasons why a man wants anal sex. What to do if the guy wants only anal

For many couples, the question of anal sex is a painful moment in relations: a man wants, and a woman resists. She may be painful, scary, ashamed – any feelings and sensations are quite natural with non -standard forms of sexual intimacy. He just wants it, and from the overwhelming desire blows the roof! Why do men want anal sex, And why do they insist on it, knowing that it hurts your beloved? Sadism or indifference? Influence of pornography and friends-sneakers?

Let’s find out if all men want to have anal sex, why such thoughts arise even with the existing diversity in bed. And most importantly – how to behave to a girl if the guy is addicted to love in the ass, and now only asks her. An intimate component is very important in family life and the attitude of the sexes, therefore the selection of a partner suitable according to the preferences is not to fry cutlets!

10 reasons why a man wants anal sex. What to do if the guy wants only anal

Why a man wants anal sex

The desire to have anal sex can have almost every man. Someone voices their needs, someone is shy and afraid, or knowingly knows that he will receive a refusal. Others are looking on the side of those joys that do not get from a permanent partner. There is nothing strange in the interest in anal, especially from the guys. It is by nature that it is tending to conquer a woman and want a lot of sex, and even variety in general is in the first place in the priorities in intima. For them, penetration into the ass is something new and incomparable. Other sensations, emotions take off to heaven, an erection immediately stone, ejaculation is plentiful and bright.

Even sexologists and psychologists do not see nothing surprising in the desire to possess a woman from different sides if it does not go beyond the norm and does not block the classical. Some males who have tried the lady in the ass completely switch only to this type of activity, marking oral affection and vaginal penetration. Here it is already worth talking about deviations! Why is this happening? What clicks in their heads? So, 10 reasons why a man wants to do only anal sex.

10 reasons why a man wants anal sex. What to do if the guy wants only anal

Suppression of a woman through sex

Almost all men are prone to dominance in relations with a woman, and they express their power through a bed, including. Some high -ranking power males do not know the boundaries and do not even want to hear about the restriction of rights to possess the body of their female. The more such an individual “humiliates”, the more it will conquer and tie him to himself. This is psychology. Some individuals consciously suppress the woman using the spent algorithms and believing that only in the state of puppet she will belong to him and experience universal happiness next to the strong representative of the male caste.

I want other pleasures

What does a man feel when a member enters a narrow ass? Very dense compression of the head, bringing insanely pleasant sensations. You noticed that in many complaints of girls about their partners there is a point about problems after childbirth? Most likely, vaginal penetration loses attractiveness in the eyes of a man due to the stretching of the vagina and the change of behavior of the lady herself.

Sometimes anal sex wants to those who have long been married and sleep with one woman for many years. Passions have been reduced, emotions are not the same, excitement is approaching the zero mark. The breathtaking husband tries to shut up and bring the highlight to the established scheme of bed relations. And then the idea is drawn ..

Special intimacy

Love in the ass carries not only new physical sensations, but also completely different emotions. This is a great intimacy, spiritual connection, a new threshold of trust and adoption of each other. Only some comrades are so chopped on the brain on the newcomers of sexual reality that other sexual behavior templates no longer attract.

The wife’s refusal to give in the ass at each request causes such “chopped” aggression. They put ultimatums, scandal, make lovers, leave the family, and they do not care that this type of sexual pleasures brings a second half pain.

A tendency to BDSM or love of violence

Someone embodies their tendency to violence and dictatorship in the BDSM relationship where both partners are satisfied. One wants to humiliate himself, the other to humiliate. This, ladies and gentlemen, idyll! Others do not immediately find their way and try to solve unusual psychological needs through the pain of a loved one. In fact, these are moral and often physiological sadists. The bunch of “sex Bul” gives them incredible pleasure. This is an unusual sexual activity that clearly goes beyond the norm, therefore it is unlikely that it will be possible to overcome the arguments of the mind of this type of desire to demolish her woman exclusively in the ass.

10 reasons why a man wants anal sex. What to do if the guy wants only anal

Pathology of sexual preferences

You know what sexual deviation or perversion is? This is a special craving for completely non -standard types of sex. When a person wants only anal or exclusively sex with changing clothes – this is already perversion. The cause of occurrence often lies in a mental illness, violation of the brain, encephalopathy, etc.D. If the husband persistently and aggressively requires only anal sex, often abandoning classic vaginal and oral contacts, it is better for you to show his doctor. This is a deviation!

Latent homosexuality

. The man remains unsatisfied on an ongoing basis. His needs are overthrown and belittled, in real actions are not expressed in any way, because he tries to at least somehow realize his desires that torment him. Classes with a friend or wife anal sex – ideal for a latent homosexual.

10 reasons why a man wants anal sex. What to do if the guy wants only anal

Usually the wives of such bluish guys are advised to offer him mutual anal sex. And he agrees. Manipulations of this kind do not act on him, because he is only glad to them.

In principle, a tendency to anal love can have once “stumbled” boys and men who once tried one-sex sex. The presence of a prostate determines pleasant sensations when entering the penis into the male ass, of course, good memories remain in the memory. For some reason, this copy does not want to repeat sex with a man, but tries to replace himself with his wife. He enjoys anal classes with her, projecting his sensations on her. The guy does not know that there is no prostate in the female ass, which is why it receives pleasant experiences at times less!

Male sexy extinction

Reduced production of male sex hormones at a certain age and a deterioration in an erection introduce a man out of the. He tries to compensate for his advancing failure in sex with new impressions or even perversions. Someone pulls on young people, whose body will arouse even dead, and others to other forms of sex. This often happens between 40 and 50 years.

Specific development of a man

. If the internal psychological filling of a particular male individual at some stage suffered, there is a traction to perversions and unusual addictions. Most of all are men growing in large cities, where the formation of a “real” male is difficult due to the arrangement of the social sphere. Here you have the results of their prying – the male sexual principle suffers defeat!

For classical development, the boy needs hard paternal education, and it is also advisable to be able to fight, defend his position with peers, play sports and physical labor.

Unrealized leader and powerful male

Some representatives of the male part of the population strive for power so stubbornly and strongly that the defeat in this area kills them morally. In fact, the dominance of a woman in this case is an attempt to rehabilitate her dominant and managerial vein. There are a lot of managers in modern society, and this very stimulates the desire to nominate yourself to a similar position. Unfortunately, there are few real genetic rulers of the world. Through a woman, a man decides all his failures in a professional sphere with such non -standard types of love. In fact, it is recouped for its failure.

10 reasons why a man wants anal sex. What to do if the guy wants only anal

Victims of modernity and debauchery

Another type of men with nuances in sexual addictions can be distinguished among fans of modern propaganda. They simply watched porn videos, where each plot is a hard anal and suction to the tonsils, while the actresses are realistic with pleasure, as if they were ending ten times in one anal act. After such a visual series, it is difficult to believe his wife that it hurts a member in the ass. From such provocations, a man beasts, especially without receiving the desired.

We called the main reasons why men want anal sex, and sometimes only require it. There are always several factors on each other, which further complicates the situation!

Invite your lover of anal joys to use an artificial anus! We have anal masturbators on sale that completely imitate sexual intercourse in the ass! A wonderful compromise for a couple, where a woman does not accept this form of love, and the partner insists on the rear penetration.

What to do if a guy wants only anal sex

A conflict will certainly arise between a man and a woman if the standard scheme of sexual relations changes sharply, and one of the couple does not suit this. In this case, we observe a conflict of physiology (a woman is painful due to constant invasion of the anus) and psychology (my husband wants to receive the tactile stimuli again and again, which lead to unique discharge). You can say that the conflict of your body and its head occurs. In this situation, finding a compromise is difficult, and sometimes impossible. What to do and what to do if a man constantly requires anal sex?

Sort out the reasons for his behavior

Why the guy wants to mostly hammer you in the ass? There are two options: physical preferences, that is, pleasant sensations that overshadowed the previous experience, or hidden orientation preferences, that is, your chosen one is a potential “dove”. So it is worth dancing. The second option is less promising, since the vagina is most likely unpleasant for him, at least, and he has already “raped” himself many times in the name of marriage and the birth of children when he had vaginal sex with you.

10 reasons why a man wants anal sex. What to do if the guy wants only anal

Refuse and wait for time

There is an opinion that with constant refusals, a desire may be a gap – a person will simply burn out. It is unlikely that the spouse will carry passion and lust for your anus for 20 years, if this is a common need for diversity. But when, through anal sex, a partner tries to solve his psychological problems, for example, suppress a woman or satisfy bisexual /homosexual needs, long attacks are quite likely.

Passively resist

What does passive resistance look like in this matter? This is almost a golden mean. We recommend that out of 10 requests to satisfy one if we are ready to endure unpleasant sensations for the sake of a loved one. Of course, this is a kind of concession, but there are nuances here. Affect it psychologically after each anal penetration: talk about your pains and experiences in all colors, including how difficult it is to go to the toilet. This should be your main condition! You realize his desire, and he provides you with “ears” as compensation. Maybe he tolerate the removal of the brain for the sake of your beloved, just as you suffered pain?

In this situation, there is a chance that a lover of climbing a member of other people’s priests will develop a negative conditional reflex to these types of pleasures up to disgust.

Offer her husband mutual anal

Quite often, men want to demolish the girl in the ass, but are not ready for such experiments on their hole. Offer him sex in the ass where he accepts. With consent to such an action, try to imitate the penetration of the penis in full – as it would be with you. The phallus should be the same size as the spouse’s penis. Do not bother with the lubricant and development of the anus, but simply reproduce the average approach to this art in the best male traditions: he entered and drove to fuck! And offer repetitions in persistent form every day, assuring that pain is his inventions and unwillingness to make you pleasantly.

10 reasons why a man wants anal sex. What to do if the guy wants only anal

Tightly refuse and explain the cause

Tell your husband about the consequences of anal sex: cracks, hemorrhoids, a weakened sphincter, as a result of which you will observe not only dirty panties and incontinence of gases, but also something by the occasion. You want to be enveloped in the bus or at work? It will not be done by him, but you! In case of irregular acts of love through the anus, the described fate is unlikely to overtake you, but the predominance of anal in your bed will make you a half -disabled – at least sew your ass, even do not sew it up, but will stink from you per kilometer.

Sew the vagina

The husband asks for anal due to the variety of your vagina? Well, there are female personalities who are ready to go for an operation to suture the vagina, so that everything becomes narrow there, as before the birth of children. The main thing is not to lose the ring from the finger and the valuable “bruise” in the passport! You, by chance, are not one of them?

Yes, a man’s love for anal sex can cause a divorce. Hardly refusing him in this pleasure, be prepared for a negative outcome. If the divorce and search for a new partner with similar views on sexual relations is not for you, you will have to look for a compromise in which you are trying by all means to relax and get pleasure, asking your husband to be extremely careful, and he, in turn, tries to tune in to other types of sex,to make the middle ground. Before entering your ass, let him read the article how to enter a woman into the world of anal. Good sex and understanding is possible only when enjoying both partners!

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